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So far, I have read many many books but the one I could pick out as my favorite one, should be "The BFG" by Roald Dahl! I love this author since he can actually put me in his fantastic world and make me enjoy it! He has also written "Matilda", "Charlie and The Chocolate Factory".The story is about a little girl, Sophie, who one night is snatched from her bed at midnight by a strange giant the BFG, who is far more jumply than his disgusting neighbours.They gazzle and swallomp nice little children! Sophie and the Giant together cook up an ingenious plan to rid the world of trogglehumping giants forever! So, now you should see for yourselfs how AMAZING work he has done!I am writing down my favorite part!

Sophie, still peering out from the blanket, saw suddenly ahead f her a great craggy mountain. The mountain was dark blue and all around it the sky was gushing and glistening with light. Bits of pale gold were flying among delicate frosty-white flakes of cloud, and over to one side the rim of the morning sun was coming up red as blood.

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  1. this past summer i started reading a local banned book list and three of roald dahl's books were on it. why? i'm not sure but he's a fantastic writer - have you read the witches?



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