Banana Pancakes-Jack Johnson


I was looking through the list with the blogs I am following. And I found something super exciting! I found this blog, where Alice makes some pretty amazing rings! I found these super cute rings and they are all handmade! I have an obsession with all the "eatable" accessories!I own a couple of cupcake earrings and a necklace with anything you can imagine on (cakes,lollipops, marshmellows,cookies,chocolates etc. that my sis made for me) They look so pretty and yummy and they make me feel joyful when I wear them!

I'm thinking of adding this yummy earring on my list too...

Take a look at some others too!


  1. oh so cute! :D

  2. omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!t nostimotero daxtilidi p exw dei!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    oi mpananes k fraoules fenonte toso ali8ines!!!!!!!!!!

  3. thankyou so much for following my blog! :)following is returned.

    those are so cool, definitely a must have.

  4. Thank you Annie, I'm blushing :-)

  5. αχ τι τελειαααααααααααα
    giami giami !!!!

  6. aww those rings are so cute! :D xxx


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