I'm not over- Carolina Liar


Hey everyone! Today I didn't go to school since we would be going on a trip and I have to admit I was a bit bored :P
Tonight is this amazing Fashion-Kitch-Pyzama-Gala that Joanna is hosting at her attic! I am really excited because from what I understand she has organized the most fabulous and glamorous party of the year! She also asked us to bring the things that we don't wear or use much in order to do an exchange!
I even baked some cookies in animal shapes for her but I didn't make them so good : ( I will buy some lemon pies to make it up before I go : )
I will post all the photos from the party tomorrow! Oh and if anyone's got a pretty recipe for yummy cookies is more than welcome to send it : )
Keep on shining beautiful people!!!



  1. These cookies are so adorable! :D

  2. i dont know about the taste but the look is amazing!!

  3. they look so yummy!!!!!!!!
    simera t vradi 8eleis na kanoume tipota???????
    sxolaw kata ts 9-ama 8es ela st pezodromo gia krepes!miss u!!!

  4. hey,thanks for passing by and commenting~oh, and nice to meet you*miam your cookies seem delicious:-)


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