Last night I fell in love without you...


Hello lovies
So, this is going to be the last post of the year (I guess)!I am so excited with all of this-really! I am preparing my late giveaway, the gifts, myself for a new start : )
My New Year's Resolution list is getting ready and I am helping my mom to bake all these delicious cookies and cakes!Yum ^^
These past few days, I have been studying, reading new books,exploring bits of myself that I never knew...Found new mousic, movies.Having time to spend with myself is really exciting.

Tommorrow I ll go to the city center for a quick cup of hot Christmas tea and for some petit presents-ha!
I wish that next year is going to be perfect and more fabulus than this one!!!

Can't wait till opening my presents ^^

Have fun my lovely readers-I hope you enjoy New Year's Eve! See u next year : )



  1. thanks for your comment on my blog annie! i love making new friends! your blog is so cute! i am a follower now! wahoo! hope you have a great rest of the year!

  2. makari o neos xronos na sou ferei o,ti epi8umeis kalo m:)

    see u next year:p


  3. I bet the house smells delicious fm the cookies...warm&cozzzy!
    Happy New Year Annie~
    xo as always*

  4. I love baking and making goodies for others to enjoy! I'm glad you've had a lovely time relaxing and hope that your New Year's Eve is fantastic!!

  5. happy new year!
    love your blog, I followed you too! haha

  6. Happy New Year!

    ps. I love that song by Motion City Soundtrack :)

  7. Aww will definitely be enjoying new years eve :) thaanks babe hope the new year brings you lots of love and luck xx

  8. happy new year!

  9. Your blog is really cute! Have a happy new year, enjoy your presents

  10. i hvnt followed u throught the whole year but in the time here i love tht u have opened my eyes to see not just wats in front of me but past me. love you sweetie and dnt ever lose tht great social person you are. love you happy new years.


  11. Telio sooo cute post!!!!!!T moraki einai glika!!!!!!!
    K n kanonisoume n kanoume mazi cookies!!!!!
    love u!!!
    ps:61 followers ts ts ts m perases!!!!xaxaxa!!
    8 se parw thl molis allaxei o xronos dear!!!!!

  12. Such a cute blog you have :-)

    Glad I stumbled onto it, now following :-)


  13. gluko m sou afisa ena blog award sto blog m :)
    happy new year:)


  14. I love your collection of zooey pictures! She's adorable.


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