time to pretend-mgmt


hello people
since I discovered this band, I fell in love with each and every song of them. And this song reminds me of him so I am loving it. Despite my new decision to start putting normal titles on my blog posts, I thought of sharing this song with you. How was your week?
As you can easily notice, I changed my blog in bits and pieces. It is still under construction, so please don't judge too hard! Special thanks to Lorelai

tonight Daphne is coming to spend the night with me, eating cupcakes/watching Harry Potter.
I wish you all a pleasant evening
p.s tomorrow I am posting my new floral dress. stay tuned!


  1. hey, thanks for your sweet comment :)
    To get larger pictures - go to Settings, basic, and if you scroll down, there should be an option to use the updated editor! Just click it :)


  2. oh i love love love these pics and i've never tried a cupcake!! yeah i know :sad!

  3. this looks so delicate and DELICIOUS! i love the soft pinks of this post... that's it, i'm going to go make a batch of cupcakes:)
    thank you so so much for your lovely comment, dear, and for following! i appreciate it so much


  4. love the bag and the cupcakes!! they go very well together :)

  5. lovely ah pretty pretty photos

    cupcakes yummmmm ♥

  6. Have a nice day, and of course enjoy: 1) the cupcakes, 2) the mgmt songs and 3) the Harry Potter movie!


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