now i'm someone else


With all this moving out thing my mind has gone wild! I stay up late, reading design books and magazines. I already chose my china and tea cups.
Sometimes a new home is only a roof to put over your head. In my case it really is more than that. This new home is going to be something really special for me. I promise I will keep it neat and clean, smelling clean laundry. The dishes will always be done and the coffee maker will always be full. I hope someday you can stop and say hello, I'll give you cookies too. What I mean is that I'll love it with all my heart and now, as I think about it I really need to move out.  Boxes. Lately they come for several uses...If only I could put him in a box.
I really hope that my home will be in a great neighborhood. At least an acceptable one. BUT: i would give extra points for flowers, gardens and yards.
Well, fellow bloggers, it has been a long long time since I posted my face on this blog. Maybe you miss me, maybe you don't. In any case I will be posting really soon for my summer vacation. Got a lot of things to catch up with so I will be seeing you in quite a long time!

someone else-henry wolfe
I wish you all a great summer!


  1. γλυκούλι καλή αρχή....είμαι σίγουρη πως το καινούριο σου σπίτι θα είναι υπέροχο

  2. σουυυυυτ. ζηλευω. :Ρ

    καλη αρχη με το καινουριο σπιτι! δεχομαι την προσκληση για κουλουρακια <3 ;Ρ

    (παρεπμπτοντως κοιταζα την λιστα με τους μουσικους και κασνφδφνασκφξδφκ΄λδφξ bon iveeeeeer. ποση αγαπη.)

  3. Pretty photos! Home is a very special place to me as well :-)

    XO Camille @ The Wild Fleur

  4. what beautiful places! i love the scenery.

    enjoy your summer too :)


  5. Ohh what beautiful buildings! It would be such a dream to live in one of them! <3

    Lost in the Haze

  6. Obsessed with all these images! Love the crown moldings!


  7. εμένα αυτό το τραγούδι με στεναχωρεί και το ξέρεις! τωρα πάλι το βλέπω. Μ'άρεσε πολύ όλο και ειδικά η φωτογραφία με τα βινύλιαααα!
    εγω πάντως θά ρχομαι και θέλω cookies!

  8. Beautiful taste; love all these. Definitely coming around yours for tea and cookies! x

  9. Glukia mou sou euxomai kali arxi stin foititiki sou zwi kai na tin apolauseis oso ginetai kai opws esi theleis ;) Exeis fovero gousto opote eimai sigouri pws to spiti sou tha einai omorfo-gluko-romantiko opws kai si...

    Filia polla Evi

    ps. Perimenw me anupomonisia kainourgies fwto ;)

  10. Lovely homes!

  11. This is enchanting- moving to a house- making it into a home. Very lucky! The photographs built a home in my heart- beautiful xx

    sweetness xx
    hope to hear from you*!

  12. You have such cute pics as well!! Love it all

  13. these are absolutely wonderful and remind me of my dream home! thank you : )


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