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Well, I really couldn't be happier cause I got my dream house. As many of you might now, I am officially now a student and I will be moving out my parents' house. The weeks are going by really fast and I have more and more things to do. Nothing is ready yet, I have to paint the whole house and move all my furniture. I know its going to be crazy but I am really excited about everything.
I'm really not sure how I am going to give up my lovely bedroom. (but I'm taking those lights with me!)
I was saving this particular picture for the end! This, my dear people, is the view from my new home! The building where my new apartment is, is in front of the sea!
So, i baked an apple tart, ate a whole pot of Ben&Jerry's cookie dough ice cream, had mexican dinner,went to a lovely french cafe,drunk special cocoa,spent time in a bookstore... blah blah blah
The most important thing is that this week I'll start packing my stuff, books, clothes etc and on Thursday I am off to Volos.
Also, I am renovating the kitchen as well in my new place and I think I should paint it in a light pink, a baby pink color! A pink kitchen, lovely isn't it?



  1. Κατα 99% αυτο που βλεπουν τα ματακια μου ειναι Βολος.Αν ναι στειλε μου e-mail να σε κατατοπισω σε οτι θελεις και να γνωριστεις με την αδερφη μου που ακομα σπουδαζει εκει..

  2. where 're you moving? lovely pictures

  3. steile mou sto

  4. super!!kane gluko kai eimaste hdh sthn kouzina sou! ;)

  5. apla se zhleuw!!!
    p.s. don't miss my give away!

  6. Με το καλό!!! Εννοείται πως θα είναι γλύκα η κουζινούλα, κι είναι πολύ ωραίο που το σπίτι σου είναι δίπλα στη θάλασσα :)

  7. τι υπεροχο αρθρο
    τι υπεροχο μπλογκ ♥

  8. δις ιζ ΕΞΕΛΕΝΤ. ημουν λιγο αστατη στα κομμεντ τους τελευταιους μηνες - νομιζω οτι ειπα συγχαρητηρια αλλα αν δεν ειπα, συγχαρητηριααααα. <3

    το καφε με το καρο πατωμα μου εκλεψε την καρδια. ανυπομονω για φωτογραφιες απο το νεο σπιτι! ΚΑΛΑ ΝΑ ΠΕΡΝΑΣ! <3

  9. I'm more partial to the Chocolate Brownie Ben and Jerry's myself but I can still polish off the Cookie Dough one in fairly short order. :)

    I think I'd struggle to give up that bedroom too, it looks so warm and inviting. I've got a kind of mobile hanging above my bed at the moment but the lights are star shaped and they're blue. When they're turned on, they make the room's colours quite cold but I love them.

    My dream house probably won't happen, to be honest. I'd like it to stand on its own little bit of land the way that a lot of American and Canadian houses do. But that's a lot less common here and you're looking at a massive house valuation. Aspects of it, I know I'll be able to achieve though. A power shower, a dandelion in a pot and a massive brick barbecue shouldn't prove too difficult. :)

  10. H kolliti mou spoudaze Volo kai mporw na se diavevaiwsw pws einai mia polu omorfi poli gia ateleiwtes voltes sto limani (me podilato i xwris), shopping stin toso megali agora kai pentanostimo fagito (mezedes) sta fimismena tsipouradika...

    Exw perasei tis kaluteres meres me tin kolliti mou ekei.. kai sou euxomai to idio me tin diki sou kai genika tous filous sou...

    H thea einai uperoxi...bravo pou dialekses spiti mprosta sto limani kai eimai sigouri pws tha to diakosmiseis polu omorfa...

    O,ti theleis se sxesi me Volo mporw na se voithisw opote pes mou...

    Filia polla..kala na pernas :)

    Evi xoxo

  11. heyyy auto etoimazomoun na sou grapsw sto fb!!!ki egw xarhka para poluuu!!ante na kanonisoume na vre8oume giati htan polu ligo to ligoulaki!! ;)

  12. e esy, ti to paizeis edo mesa?ade kanate oli ena blog kai xerestai kai nomizetai oti iste kai kapies prosopikotites mh sas xeso olous.
    na ta valeis ta glyka mi po poy... giati sigura de 8a trogodai

  13. tartes, allages, Ben and Jerry's, zestes sokolates kai french cafes...nomizw oti agikses ta adinata mou shmeia!!pisteuw oti ekei pou 8a pas 8a peraseis teleia..o volos einai polu omorfos!!kali arxi loipon kai ta kalytera erxodai <3
    a!kai exeis polu polu gliko blog :)

    Wizy Wiz

  14. thats so exciting that you get your own house, congrats and good luck! and that apple tart looks beyond amazing...

    <3 Alison

  15. hi,well i wonder if its possible to send me the adress of this wondderful book store and this french cafe! i really loved it! text on my email:

  16. Hey, just found your blog! You look a lot like Amelie...

  17. χαχαχαχαχαχαχα ήρθα από απορία να διαβάσω το κόμμεντ...πόσο βλάκας παίζει να ναι ο τύπος? δεν ξέρει από ορθογραφία, δεν ξέρει να αρθρώσει μια πρόταση της προκοπής, και τον ενοχλούν οι bloggers? :D αν είναι δυνατόν

  18. Is that... IS THAT PUBLIC? (I'd recognise this lettering and archives anywhere. My second home in Piraeus!)

  19. Ben & Jerries! Njom njom njom ♥


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