and I wish I'd seen you in the bakery


I wasn't really sure how I would begin this post. It has been such a long time (almost a month) and I missed this whole thing so badly! So, here I am again, posting about my new life and stuff. Hope you're still here, dear readers.
My days in the new city are lovely. Met new people, made good friends and had great classes! Of course there are stuff I miss back home but in general everything is pretty cool.
I really love this time of year. It is cold enough to wear your lovely tights, cardigans and woolen jumpers but not cold enough to get lost inside the big fat coats. I love this time of year especially because you can have lovely cinnamon tea and silly chitchats at cafes, play scrabble till morning, tuck yourself under the warm blankets and bake apple muffins.
My bff has planned an amazing Halloween party and I really can't deal with my excitement! I was hoping I could make a boo-tiful ghost cake but I left all my things at home, argh! It will be LEGENDARY and I know it!
Thing is that when you live on your own you actually have to deal with certain stuff that you never considered , like opening a jar of jam or doing the damn dishes all the time. I personally, needed help to open a jar. Fantastic. And still, weird noises at night totally creep me out. It's like horror movie night, every day. I should probably get a night light like a seven year old. But then, there are the good parts like you can paint the kitchen pink or even choose your own detergent for the washing machine! You spend your money the way you want (that meaning that you can actually starve for a few days, so that you can buy that amazing ballerina glitter skirt.). I also discovered a great site for students, where you can find easy and cheap recipes for 1 instead of 8 people! I will be cooking a lot since I think its healthier and cheaper than junk food. Some days i eat cookies and leftover morning coffee for lunch, feeling really cool and loose! 


  1. ego to proto vradu pou koimithika sto neo mou spiti prwto etos ,to opoio itan vameno roz thumamai...den koimithika gt akouga sunexeia na bainei kp sto spiti kai thoruvous apo padou, itan kai i exwporta opws nanai! mou pire kamia vdomada na sunithisw!

  2. Noises at night still feak me out. So when my boyfriend is out for the night or travelling I hate to go sleeping. I totally understand your issue.

  3. Been living in London for 3 years and never went in the trouble on looking for a website like the one you posted. It really is helpful. Quick question though. Since you bake (and a lot im guessing) delicious treats that look amazing in your photos, why do you go and buy muffins from Starbucks?

  4. also im sure you are gonna love this website

  5. @Χαϊβάνι του Καναπέ: thank you so much for the sweetest comment. In reply to your answer I must say that in this lovely country, Greece there are no blueberries. And the blueberry muffin is a pure indulgence, I cannot resist to! :)

  6. Σε ζηλεύω πολύ, να περνάς καλά γλυκούλα...ααα, σου έχω και βραβείο :)

  7. αααχ,ο βόλος!!το πρώτο βράδυ που κοιμήθηκα μόνη μου στην Αθήνα έγινε ένας mini σεισμός!να σου πω την αλήθεια,7 χρόνια μετά ακόμα θέλω ένα φως ανοιχτό όταν κοιμάμαι μόνη μου..

  8. Yummy cakes!

  9. Καλημέρα Άννα!
    Εύχομαι να περάσεις μια τέλεια φοιτιτική ζωή με πολλά πολλά handmade cakes!!!

  10. teleies eikones!
    p.s. check my blog out! i've got a surprise for you!

  11. ποσο τελεια απλο κρεββατι....;;;

  12. Thank you very much for your comment! But I don't think I will continu this blog. But I do an other one :
    (I love your blog too :))

  13. και κάτι άλλο :)

  14. einai panemorfo to blog agapisa:)


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