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Of all days I mostly adore the lazy ones, when you lie in bed, careless and free. You snuggle up with some hot cocoa and your teddy bears, tucked in your warm floral duvet. I usually go over my scrapbooks, listen to Radio Dept. and make plans for the future.
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My life has been pretty lazy the past weeks but that's the part I love about the holidays! I've been out and about in the city only a few times, mostly for coffee or small walks. I also bought a bunch of pretty stuff for my house and I can't wait to get there. I'm leaving my parents' house on Sunday. So excited to go baaaaack!The non-so-exciting part is that as soon as I get back, I need to start studying for my semester exams..pff! I'll soon be back!


  1. No plans. Just snuggling. The perfect way to spend the day.

    Glad you get to relax after the holidays.

  2. I love these pics, I really want a lazy day now too, with a beautiful duvet.. xx

  3. Ah I really want a lazy day! All those pictures of crumpled duvets have me dreaming of a long summer break already!

  4. so pretty!! i lvoe the mugs and little floral prints!!

  5. Ah I'm jealous! I really miss my bed, we only see each other for a minimum amount of time each night.

  6. Nice pics!!kisses!

  7. lovely blog :) now following you

  8. These pictures are amazing, you have a lovely blog! Keep posting :)

  9. Ahh
    Lazy days have passed my dear!!
    Time to study :-/

    ...and then, let the party begin!!

    Kisses xx

  10. Καλή χρονιά!
    Είχα πάει Βόλο για τις γιορτές και μια μέρα που περπατούσα στην παραλία θυμήθηκα μια φωτογραφία που είχες ανεβάσει από το μπαλκόνι σου που φαινόταν η θάλασσα. :-) Καλώς να επιστρέψεις σπιτάκι σου!! φιλιά

  11. These pictures are darling. My life has pretty much as how you've described it for the past month. Right now I'm getting a bit sick of it and I can't wait to start working again!


  12. μικρο καπκεικ που με κανεις να αναπολω το παπλωμα μου...οι πλατφορμες ειναι απο τα pull'n'bear! ειναι βολικες, με καλο τακουνι και σε καλη τιμη... :)

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  14. These are definitely the best days.. especially with hot cocoa and a warm bear!x

  15. You have lovely blog dear!
    Tell me your opinion in my blog!

    If U want tell me to follow each other!

    Kisses Elpi xxx


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