the 100 Happy Days project


hello friends,
recently I found out about a wonderful little project idea by the name 100 Happy Days. The concept is easy, you just submit a picture of something that made your day happy and then share it with the world in any social media you like for 100 days.
Everyday life can be so stressful that sometimes you may forget to appreciate the little things that can make you happy and lift you up. Moving in Belgium for four months has been really difficult for me and I had days that I could not simply get out of bed. So, this is my little challenge for the next 100 days. I will be posting my pictures on instagram, you can check them out in #mikrotartaki

The real fun part of this challenge is that by the end of the project you can get a book with all the 100 happy moments that you have posted, so yey for that! Can't wait to commit to a real challenge and start to appreciate the little things in life!

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