The Bathtub Experiment


Wednesday evening. After a rather long day, morning commute to work, lunch and wandering around the city I finally got home, dropped my keys and bags of shopping on the floor. I was tired and feeling very stiff on my shoulders. I needed something but didn't know how to put it in an idea. I needed a warm bath.

The thing is, I always get the perfect bathbombs but never use them. I store them in airtight plastic bags and only sniff them really carefully on special occassions or pretty bad days. Yeah. That is me. I never get the chance to use them or I am always in a hurry, to take off my makeup, to wash my hair, get to bed early etc. There is always a really good excuse for me not to get in the bathtub. But today felt different. I needed to do something soothing for myself. I needed some time to pamper myself, to feel brand new again. 
I thoroughly cleansed my face, put my hair up, lit a few candles and then run around like a headless chicken, setting the mood with good music, extremely hot water and ofcourse, picking the bathbomb for the night. If you are like me, you know what an important decision that is. After preparing everything it was finally time to get in. It felt so weird at first but oh, once I dipped my toes and slowly layed inside the tub I felt every little bad thought slip through and out of my mind. Closing my eyes, I let myself soak in the warm, creamy vanilla infused water and slowly forgot about anything that was currently stressing me out. I felt like I was outside my body. Thinking of nothing in particular. And I just sat there doing nothing. At first it felt weird and that is exactly the problem. 

This weird obsession of us, constantly checking our social profiles, tweeting, commenting, chatting, insta-storying.. It feels weird when your hands are soaking in a bathtub and you are doing nothing. Not even reading. It is almost like when you are out in the wilderness and can't connect to any wi-fis. And that is exactly the magic of the bathtub thing. You have a rare opportunity to connect with your own inner thoughts without constantly being interrupted by bleeps and clicks. Just let yourself be, in this glorious hot bathtub, surrounded by beautiful calming scents, touching your warm, soft skin and massaging your neck. Nothing can ruin that beautiful hour, not even the yelling neighbors, trust me. I am one not to ever just sit still, but tonight that was all I needed. 

So, hop in your bathtubs, people. Fill them up with hot water and throw in a good old Lush bathbomb and just let your soul soak until the poets run out of rhymes. Let your mind wander and get ready for  the best night's rest. 

In case you are wondering, I used the experimenter bath bomb from Lush along with some jasmine bath salts from Apivita and also did a rose face mask while sipping on a herbal tea.

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