Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging!


WOW! The only words coming from my mouth! This movie is SUPER-COOL-FANTASTIC-WITTY-TOUCHING-FUNNY and in three words, a British success!You know what, I hated English movies with teenagers!I was used to the traditional "American shit" I was watching all these years so a change like that was more than weird!We all believed that AMERICA held the prize in teens' movies! Turned out to be the best choice I have ever made when it comes to movies!Thanx to my B.F Daphne! She was talking about that movie for almost a month and she begged me to rent it and watch it!But I was stuck to my own views that such a movie can't be good since British people are not famous for their humor(as we all know!)HAHAHA! It was amazing I have to admit, really really good! I could say that this movie is "Bridget's Jones Diary" but only for teenagers! Every 14 year old girl will relate to Georgia. Its a movie based on a series of books by Louise Rennison.Includes thoughts and worries that we all, the teenagers, have in this age.It was pretty hilarious! I definitely want to read the books and this is the first thing I'll do as soon as I turn off my pc!By the way-STIFF DYLANS ROCK! <3
A movie REALLY WORTH watching! Take my word for it!


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  2. OOOOH! Muchas gracias!!! I think I made it! You are great and you are writing really good! I am reading your blog very often : )
    Thanx again!
    we'll keep in touch-keep up the great writing!
    see u around ;)


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