Sleepover with...DISASTROUS movies!


Ok seriously now, we are spending most of our time together!That only makes her officially best friend!

Last night-after the crazy shopping spree I rang Daphne and she came over to my house to watch two movies that we've rented the other day. The first was "Disaster Movie" and the other one was "How To Lose Friends And Alienate People" with Megan Fox and Kirsten Dunst! At first I made my specialty as Daphne says, cheesy toasts! Then we had to decide which movie where we going to watch first. We went for "Disaster Movie" which turned out to be a complete (with the whole meaning of the word) DISASTER. Who on earth would like to see a movie which included dancers from High School Musical that where singing things that didn't make any sense,Amy Winehouse with vampire teeth,drinking gasoline ,The Enchanted laughing hysterically,Juno kicking Carrie's ( from Sex and The City)ass and Hannah Montana singing under a big rock that hit her???!It was not funny-it was a complete ruin of these movies that for sure aren't SO BAD!!! We didn't even finish it, so that must mean something right?!!! I can't even understand why I rent it in the first place! So we ended up dancing with "When I Grow Up" from Pussycat Dolls and doing silly things till around 3 am!

When we went to bed, exhausted from all this laughing we fell asleep right away! We talked about thieves that may break in our houses and what would we do in a case like that and we LAUGHED so much that it was really hard to stop!! I even took some crazy pictures of Daphne lying on my couch and loughing! I am telling you, these pictures that you are about to see do not relate to the real Daphne! She was from another planet that moment!

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