It had to be you- Billie Holiday


Yellooo everyone!
Here I am again but only this time wearing a jumper and holding a hot cup of cocoa! Winter is actually HERE and I am ready to enjoy the cold afternoons listening to Frank Sinatra and Billie Holiday while making some chocolate cookies! I can't wait to decorate my room for Christmas-put these cosy lights all over the place and write silly wishing cards! Oh damn. I so love winter. Because I actually know how to make it that wonderful! Only seeing my scarfs and my little wool hats makes it wonderful!!!

These weeks I am having so many tests that I don't have the time to post all the things that I am thinking! Its horrible 'cause I really wanna keep in touch with you and all of your news but with this crazy program its kinda impossible. Anyway on the upcoming post I will inform you about all the things that I'm thinking to buy for this winter and generally for this winter!!!
For now, I wish you a happy and really cosy winter! Make sure you drink a lot of hot chocolate to keep you warm enough : )

P.S : Can't wait for snow!


  1. :S I can't watch this show, I just don't know how to appreciate it... I'll just stick to gossipgirl and grey's anatomy for now...

    thanks for your comment


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