They made a statue of us...


Hello sweethearts!
How have you been?! Its been such a long time and I am so sorry, but I have been pretty busy with all my homework and the projects!
This weekend is going to be really cool and fun although Daphne is away in the "Cold City" as I like to call it. She's in Finland in a small town for a students' exchange program she took part! I really miss her... But she told me that she's bringing me a present :D I really hope she is having a great time!So does Joanna, who is in Boston! I really miss uu!
Anyways, here it snowed on Wednesday and it was really weird cause it never snows! It was so much fun and we took loads of pictures! Tomorrow, I am going to the city to buy stuff for my costume! I am dressing up as a candy! I'll make a skirt with candies and a headband too! I hope it looks cool : ) When I finish it I'll take pictures and show you!
Tomorrow I will make a Strawberry Pastaflora! I found this vintage recipe in my grandma's recipe books and I am really excited to bake it!
Winter kisses with extra love and chocolate for my lovely readers...


  1. its always sadening to see our bestie away. just take as if shes gonna bring u something.


  2. hey lovlie
    i really love 500 days of Summer
    everything is just great about that movie
    hope your gf is having a great time

    check out my blog

  3. good luck with your custome ;)

  4. they made a statue, our noses began to rust...

    Regina is amazingly beautiful inside and out. So are you!


  5. kouklara mou !
    yes i am in boston ladies and gentlemen BUT im coming home on Monday so Ill finally see you!

    love **

  6. thank youuu <3
    nice phot btw really styled;)

  7. What a cute cold weather outfit! I think the weather is crazy these days! Will you post a picture of your baking?

  8. oh your blog is so lovely. x

  9. thanks so much, she's my baby.
    pancakes is such an adorable name!!! now you have to get a cat :)
    love the outfit!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Hope you have a great time baking! AWESOME BLOG!

  11. I think the first picture is DARLING and delicious looking! I also love the outfit.

    follow? please?:)

  12. I LOVE your blog! Make sure you post some pics of your baking, sounds fun :)

  13. oh and regina spektor lyrics! aaah ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  14. I don't know what Strawberry Pastaflora is but it sounds delicious.

  15. Gotta love the fab recipes that lay in grandparents books!

  16. such a yummy cupcakes,,

    and i like ur outfit!


  17. opwsdipote!!!!!!!!!!!!
    re eixa pei st koritsia ama 8eloun n pame mazi alla h maria eipe oti dn 8elei h alex dn einai single pia t eftiaxe m ena vasili(pe8enw...)k iwanna siga mn erxotan!!!!!!


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