Spring Lover's Kiss


Hello beauties
I really missed you all, but I am here again, blogging! I finally found my laptop under the big pile of my papers! Homework the past few days could be considered endless. Tests, exams and loooots of over night studying, thanks to coffee I survived this difficult war!
I could say that Spring, my favorite season, is finally here. Even though, today is raining! I love spring becuase I can wear light clothes without being cold, such as dresses, skirts and floral leggings! Isn't that great? I won't be hidden under my thick moody coats! What to you love in Spring?

So, I thought I could start the post with my style icon, Alix or else, The Cherry Blossom Girl.

I heart her style! You can find her here.

I'm telling you she's adorable. She's got the amazing Paris like Style which I completely adore!
She wears the most amazing and pretty clothes and I wish, when I visit Paris during the Easter vacations , I will find some clothes like these! Now that I am thinking it again, I love the rainy weather. It makes me nostalgic and sophisticated. I usually sit by the window with a cup of cocoa and think while watching the rain ... spring could wait a little more : )

Good afternoon loves


  1. You're so lucky you're getting Spring already!! I am dying to wear my spring clothes! :D

  2. dying for spring to come cause I hate the stupid rain!
    yes,studying is exhausting for me as well.i only get to post once or twice a week now...


    p.s.ti ta3i pas?

  3. i love her shoes in the 2nd last picture lovely (:


  4. i so know how you feel what with revision and coursework it seems to take up all my time and i actually can't till spring and summer as well!

  5. The thing i love the most about spring is my birthday at may 17th:)
    in the middle of exams very nice gift i must say:):)
    Gosh, i L.O.V.E flowery prints too
    Mar M.


  6. lovely blog!


  7. i love spring too. im reallyyyyy looking forward to it this year.
    love the pictures, ill have to go check out that site now. :)

  8. pictures of cookies. i think your blog and i shall be friends.
    it's too rainy for springwear here :( oh floral prints..
    xx fayoona

  9. spring is finally here! :)
    lovely pictures! oh and courage with your homeworks,it's exhausting!

  10. We had very spring like weather coming on too. Very sunny lately and even warm. I already hid away my warm coats. Hm I would say the thing I love most about spring is that everything is blooming, and colorful, and makes you naturally happy. I can't ever imagine being depressed in spring because it's jsut so beautiful (:

    Ohh and I do so love flower prints lately.

  11. ur blog is poetic!!
    i ve just discovered it

  12. I love her too, her style is the best... so romantic and cute haha
    your blog is great :)
    visit mine, it's new!

  13. lov her blog too!


  14. oh i love her blog - such an inspiration :) and yay for spring weather!!

  15. i like your blog and your posts..
    i'll follow it..:):)

  16. Although I like winter, I am really happy spring's finally here, and now I think the weather is getting better all the time!
    That's a good chance of buying new clothes!
    Nice post Annie!
    Good Night!

  17. Alix is so great! She has some of the best shoe collection ever known. Her style is so sweet yet modern at the same time. Just love her <3

  18. hey hun, I tagged you on my blog=) x


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