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Hello dearest readers, old and new!
Found some time to post something quick, about the movie I watched and made me think a lot!
As I wrote on my last post, I watched "An Education" with Carey Mulligan, Alfred Molina and Peter Sarsgaard. (while reading this post, click here, to listen to a great song that will put you in the mood!)
The story begins in the early 1960's. A girl, Jenny Mellor, lives with her parents in a London suburb. Jenny is sixteen, bright and beautiful, studying her way to success, for the University of Oxford, until the day she meets a man, nearly twice her age who changes all of her plans. Jenny loves Paris and craves for a chic lifestyle and soon gets accustomed to David's life. Their relationship does move into becoming a romantic one. Now Jenny has to decide weather she moves on with her bright future plans of studying at Oxford or following David's (not so legal way of making money) life which consists of trips to Paris, parties and high society life...

Throughout the whole movie, I fell in love with all of the outfits and the style. It was so-Audrey Hepburn style!
And now I have to thank Lorelai for giving me such a lovely award! I love your blog so much and I am really happy that I met such a wonderful girl!!! Thanks again :)

And now, its time for me to pass along this award to other lovely bloggers!
First to my dearest friend Daphne from Daphne On A Rocketship for her inspirational pictures and her amazing Polyvore sets!!!
Secondly to Joanna from Stuck in A Dumb Daze because she returned really refreshed and with a lot of stories to tell!
And last but not least to Nina Malvada from Las ninas y los ninos for her so retro-chic style which I adore!

I will see you soon, when the exams are over!
xxx Annie
Oh, and an advice: start watching the so cool series "How I Met Your Mother". I am currently addicted!


  1. Sounds like a cool movie! Congrats on the award:)

  2. Conrats on your award sweety!!!
    Btw thanks for your comment!
    I follow you back, no because I have to, but I find your blog amazing!!!


  3. I downloaded that movie some months ago and still haven't watched it!
    Well, now I want to more than ever!!
    congrats on the award :D :D

  4. i've also downloaded it but i haven't seen it yet! but trust me, i'm going for it tonight, since i'm staying in to study, let me have a little joy in life..hihi!!
    congratulations for the award, you definitely deserve it, your blog is super-cute girl!!

  5. Love this movie, i watched it on the way to LA on the plane and then again on the way back to London. She's so good with short hair. X

  6. looks like a gud movie.


  7. it's such a good film! and i agree with you, i loved all the audrey hepburn style outfits. good luck with your exams :)

  8. The pictures of the movie look really beautiful. I definitely want to see it.

  9. Ahhh An Education! I love Carey Mulligan, she has such an old-fashioned, whimsical style about her!
    Also congratulations on the blog award, lovely. You deserve it!

    Chloe X

  10. sounds like a great movie! I'll watch it tomorrow!
    and how are you doing with your exams?
    kisses sweetheart


    :D :D :D

    (tin agapo afti tin tenia!...den exi iperoxo soundtrack????)

  12. I haven't seen it yet! :) But now I want to!!!

  13. ok i wish you good luck sweetheart!
    of course i can help you!
    are you on facebook? add me if you do 'Emilie- Dimitra Patra'
    or at my msn
    and i'll help you! i can also help you at biologie if you want!

  14. hey hun, thanks for the comment :)
    i used this recipe for the frosting:
    good luck! and i love an education :) x

  15. it's going to be LEGENDARY!!!

    HIMYM ruleeeeezzz!!!!!!love love love it!!!!

    Congrats to the girls!

    I saw that movie yesterday and i loved it!
    I love your blog! Your awesome!
    could you check out mine?

  17. sweetheart!
    pes mou ti theleis na sou grapsw peripou kai gia pote einai! tha sto steilw me mail! kai pes mou oti allo xreiasteis!
    lots of kisses

  18. Anna mmm!!!!!Euxaristw gia t award....!!!!!8elw n tn xanadw tn tenia alla maziiiiii!!!!!


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