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Hello lovely readers,
I prepared a little post for you on the beauty stuff and cosmetics I have been using lately. I will be reviewing some of them too, so that you can have an opinion on something you may want to get for yourselves. It is just that I  am waiting for my results ,which come out tomorrow and i have been so nervous that i wanted something to keep me going!
 garnier deodorant spray: gives you great feeling of freshness and smells amazing! The only thing bothering me is that it is quite pricey! 8/10

clean & clear daily facial wash: oh this is my favorite facial wash big time! it's absolutely my favorite product ever. Not only gives shine free skin all day, it has a wonderful smell and bursting beads for extra freshness! It comes in a very affordable price and it is totally worth it!  10/10

 AIM white naturals toothpaste: who could actually resist in a toothpaste with lemon and mint? It is the best toothpaste i have ever used in my life! The best thing: makes me wanna brush my teeth 4 times a day! 9.5/10

 herbal essences conditioner: great smell, comes in a very big package (extra points for that) and is great for sort of long hair. Makes my hair super easy to comb and that is great cause i got thin hair that break easily.With raspberry and silk extract. perfect for summer days, when hair usually gets thin and chipped.  8.5/10

nivea straight & easy shampoo: i couldn't actually believe that a shampoo could do such thing until i tried it. I instantly called my bff. Perfect for frizzy, unmanageable hair. You just blow dry them and you're ready to go!         10/10
 vaseline cocoa butter: vitalising gel, great for summer and days lying at the beach. Helps get a tan fast and has amazing smell. However it is a bit thick and greasy and you could use it best if you water your hands first. With cocoa butter, brazilian nut and almond oils.  7/10

le petit marseilles hydrating cream:  makes skin smell like creme brulee and hydrates fully. With shea, sweet almond and argan oil. 8/10
dolce & gabanna the one, perfume and body lotion: kind of heavy smell for summer, but it is to die for. Naturally i wouldn't wear it at that time of year but i am completely out of perfumes! It has a rather sexy smell and i wouldn't buy it again once it is finished because i really believe it doesn't suit my personality. As for the lotion, i really think it is a great choice to go for summer nights. Wearing perfume is too much, but the lotion is just great. The smell lingers till the day after and this is absolutely lovely.     7/10

I really do hope that I helped any of you get some ideas for summer products! I think it is a crucial thing once you go on vacation to have all necessary products with you! Speaking of vacation, where are you heading to?Tell me all about it, I wanna hear your ideas! Also, feel free to suggest any products you may have or haven't tried. I am always up for new ones!  Down here, i've put together a summer playlist for you all!

1."jesus fever"- kurt vile
2."when will you go"-the dodos
3."road trip"-lucy rose
4."beach baby"-bon iver
5."after hours"-we are scientists
6."clap clap"-game & watch
8."spitting fire"-the boxer rebellion
9."places"-george james 
10."in transit"-albert hammond jr.
11."west coast"-coconut records
12."houdini"-foster the people
13."just say yes"-snow patrol
14."brighter than sunshine"-aqualung
15."i'll be yours"-those dancing days


  1. Τέλειωσαν τα ψέματα Άννα! Αύριο οι βαθμολογίες! Αν και φοβάμαι λίγο ότι λόγω πολιτικών εξελίξεων θα καθυστερήσουν... Εγώ πάντως θέλω να βγουν, να τελειώνουμε! Άσε που ήταν να έρθω Θεσσαλονίκη για να περάσω όλη την μέρα μου με μία φίλη μου και το ακύρωσα! :( Αχ! Ήθελα όταν έρθω να μην έχουν βγει οι βαθμολογίες γιατί αν δεν περνάω Θεσσαλονίκη θα στεναχωρηθώ πολύ... Θα δούμε όμως!
    Από τα προϊόντα που χρησιμοποιείς ξεχώρισα την le petit marseilles hydrating cream. Λέω να τη δοκιμάσω!
    Χμμμ, διακοπές θα πάω για ένα 15ήμερο στην Κρήτη και μετά η κόρη της οικογένειας που θα μας φιλοξενεί εκεί θα έρθει και θα την γυρίσουμε στη Βόρεια Ελλάδα!Θα μπορούσα να πάω διακοπές με την παρέα μου αλλά είναι πολλά τα χρήματα και επίσης είμαστε μεγάλη παρέα και δεν θα περάσω πολύ καλά. Εσύ τί σκοπεύεις να κάνεις καλή μου;

  2. Oh lovely new things, I especially adore getting perfumes! Oh and thank you so much for adding my blog to your list :)

    xx Carina


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