spring and cake parties


Spring is here and it is only logical to be planning the most girly and pastel color coded outdoor parties. Wooden tables and paper decorations alongside flowers in glass jars. I love blooms and blush pink peonies in every corner of my place. 
You can start arranging a friends gathering, by placing some fluffy pillows in your terrace. You don't have to make much of a fuss, just keep it casual and decorate with whatever you have hanging around. Paper plates and brightly colored napkins should do. If you are planning to host your friends in the afternoon make sure you can light up some tealights or even fairylights around! This will make everything look even cosier. 
As for the food, you should prepare something easy that doesn't require much of an effort. Stick with basic snacks and finger food that can easily be made ahead. That means you will have more time to prepare yourself but also, spend time with your guests! If you are looking for some inspiration you can check out my Savory board on Pinterest and browse around some really cool and healthy recipes!

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Remember that hosting parties should be fun for both you and your guests! Don't stress, keep it simple and enjoy yourself! We should make the most out of Spring before it is quickly over. x

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