Girls Out Shopping at last! Yeiiii!


Its Saturday morning and I woke up feeling like shopping today! I called Daphne and we arranged to meet at the bus stop! The stores were waiting for us!!! It was really hot but this wasn't an obstacle for us. When it comes to shopping, nothing can stop me! So we first headed to "Accessorize", I bought a great pair of earrings and then we went for clothes! I bought flat ballerina shoes, in a red color that I have been wanting for ages! Its a classic choice and fits greatly with almost everything in my closet! I also bought a great purple skirt that was on sale and a blue dress/shirt which I am planning to wear with skinny jeans! Next, we decided that we didn't need anything else so we went for "Butlers", where we bought candles with cinammon and chocolate smell! We had so much fun taking pictures inside the stores and the salesmen where looking at us really strange!!!

Then we headed to Starbucks for a Caramel Machiato and some rest!It was pretty tiring but this is the season for shopping! I realized that all the fun is not hidden in the action of shopping but in the procedure! I mean that I am enjoying myself more while I am commenting the clothes with Daphne ,or while we are having fun in the store,than while I am actually BUYING stuff! And that, I think, is the most important thing in the whole story!

Daphne picking wish cards!
Me at Starbucks-enjoying my C.M!

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