Ok! So here is the real deal! I'd better start reading to some more blogs! I spent my whole day reading and finding interesting things and I'm pretty much amazed! This is a whole new thing that I am trying to get used to and I can say that it is ridiculously funnny! I am enjoying myself sooo much while I am blogging that I almost forget to do every day things like, watch cartoons and make pancakes for breakfast, hahaha!I think I should make a schedule and arrange everything to fit quite good actually! I love getting inspired by every day people. Its something great and I'm having a great time discovering cool people with absolutely great blogs, full of amazing ideas!

I am making plans for winter all day long! I can't wait, to get up in the morning, get dressed with a warm dress and colorfull tights with boots (YES! that's what I was thinking about during my Spanish class; my winter outfit!)and then go to catch the bus. And I am actually pretty worried because its still summer and everyone wishes summer could last FOREVER!
I don't care! I like autumn as well-and we're almost there!

Anyway-Its getting pretty late and I should be going to my pjs!

sweet dreams!

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