Harry Potter maniac!


All these days I have been watching all the Harry Potter movies and reading all the books too! I always liked him-since I was 8 and saw the first movie! I became addicted but I forgot this passion for a while until a friend of mine gave me the fifth book!!! Yeiii

I so love all these little details of their magical world. Harry Potter introduces us to another wizards' world, a different one. Something that we see for the first time! OK we knew that whitches rided broomsticks and had wounches but we didn't ever imagine that there could be a school for them and special sports like Quidditch for example! This was something totally new and totally GREAT!
I wish I could be one of them..I wish I could wear these old mantles and hang out with Ron and Harry!
The dinning room is certainly my favorite room in Hoghuarts! I love the candles that fly above the tables, the paintings that are moving, the ghosts that are walikng through the corridors and ofcourse the stairs that are changing while you are walking! Maybe its stupid but i really love watching these movies! They simply make my day : )


  1. dn eisai h moni!!!!!!xaxaxa makari n mporousame n imaste magoi sn autous-t teleio-mono p t skeutome...rigardioum leviosa!!(elpizw na t egrapsa swsta:p)!!!!!!love u!<3

  2. Yeah!!! I love Harry Potter, too. It's great find people who like it.
    You're right when you say Harry Potter show us a new magical world. I wish, I could have my flying broom. xD


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