Volcano Cupcakes!


You must be really surprised with my post title! Sooo, let me explain!
We have been planning to make cupcakes for almost two months and so we arranged it for today!!!

We first stopped to the Super Market to buy the needed stuff. The only problem was that we didn't actually have a specific recipe! So we had to....be creative (in other words, do whatever came to our minds!).
I kept taking photos all day long!

When we got home we started first to make the dough for the cupcakes and then the frosting cream.

There was Daphne's little brother too(who kept fighting with her!!!)
Hahahaha! That's me-with the mixeeer! (hard job! hehe)

Cupcakes almost ready for the oven!

Daphne preparing the frosting! (yummy)

But the problem was that when we actually took them out of the oven they weren't good. They had a weird shape and we decided to call them " The Volcano Cupcakes"!It was so funny because we spent most of our day preparing them and it was a quite disaster in the end! But that's OK! We will succeed next time! Although they weren't so good on the outside they tasted like omg! They were absolutely yummy!
Here Daphne has put this frosting pink think that tasted pale BUTTER!



  1. hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!
    t evales re...
    pote prolaves???????
    egw eimai st videoclub twra-apo ekei s stelnw mnm!!!!!!!!eimai m tn alex!!!!!
    1 evro tn wra!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow a tasty post! Those cupcakes look really cool, I never heard of Volcano cupcakes! :)

  3. The cupcakes look so yummy, u take the loveliest pictures^^


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