Friday I'm in Love- The Cure


15 Things That I LOVE...
  1. I prefer winter from all the other seasons! I just love the stuff you can do when it's cold! You can go shopping, drink hot chocolate, stay home and bake chocolate cookies, wear jumpers and scarfs and go ice-skating : )
  2. The smell of old books and newspapers. Its weird but I love libraries too.People seem to be studying obsessively and that atmosphere makes me feel more sophisticated!
  3. Making lists and plans! This way I organize my days and never forget a thing!
  4. Romantic movies. And who doesn't? I especially love the ending scenes.
  5. Buying the finest chocolate and tea from Coffee Way.
  6. Traveling.
  7. Browsing for new cds in stores. I feel extremely happy when I find a new artists : )
  8. HARRY POTTER. He's my hero : )
  9. My diary- Its my most treasured possession!
  10. Redecorating my room!
  11. Reading comic books
  12. Gossip Girl and Pushing Daisies (tv series)
  13. Baking cookies for everyone...
  14. Movie Soundtracks
  15. DAPHNE <3


  1. I love finding new bands too, and browsing CD stores! :) what bands do you like? :)

  2. love lists and biscuits and for my exam periods i always visit the library!

  3. haahahahaha! i am the number 14-lucky me!!!!

  4. love this song and love your blog. it's so nice and well written.


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