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Latest Obsession: SKIRTS

Helloooo everyone! School is officially closed and I am left with only one closed chocolate box in my Christmas calendar and that means that only one day is left to celebrate Christmas day : )
I am happy to report that I've found new purposes in life: skirts, music, books and lots of Starbucks coffee/tea! I am imagining myself, wearing a lovely floral skirt, listening to my iPod and reading a book while sipping hot Christmas tea with cinammon and milk! (sighs)
Here is a rather inspiring outfit picture that I would really like to relate to-although I think is a bit impossible to do!
I've discovered lots of new rock bands and some great books that I am thinking to add in my library collection!!! The only thing left to do now is wait for my Christmas pocketmoney!
These last days I have been dreaming about my future a lot-I sketched my dream house and wrote a story about my future life! I hope I will fulfill these dreams and plans...
Tommorrow I am planning to go shopping and find another interesting skirt : ) I also want to buy happy tights to wear with them, cause I believe that with the right tights you can upgrade completely an outfit! Mix and match-the best dressing method ever invented. I feel creative right now... So here is a new set I made on polyvore.
Lots of love you guys,
xoxo Annie


  1. cute outfit there.


  2. Great blog! xxx

  3. oh i absolutely live in skirts as well. so comfy and feminine :)

  4. love that dress!


  5. MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I <3 polyvore! But I'm not too talented at making it look nice lol I have lots of ideas though!

  6. I love those outfits, so pretty and vintage..

    ♥ Merry Christmas ♥
    *All dreams come true*

  7. great outfits! love your style!

  8. i love how it says cup cakes for comments cute! love those earring's. who are they. and i really want some philosophy body wash

  9. lovely!!!!!!!!!
    (dn grafw pla-t kanw gia n anevoun t comment)


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