500 days of Summer- and I am in love with her too..


I love her style, I love the trailer, I love the music,the articles I've read about it-sadly I didn't get to watch the movie yet..
But the point is that we never actually see the opposite situation of behaviors. Not only the girls are sentimental. It can be the opposite too-- I love how this guy looks at her,I love that he notices the details... and I strongly believe that this is going to be my next on the list favorite movie.


  1. i absolutely love 500 days of summer.
    he is freaking gorgeous :)

  2. shes pretty (:


  3. Zoey is a doll in this movie, I haveb't seen it yet but I want to so badly. Guess who's buying the DVD? ;)


  4. I eatched it on megavideo or megauplod (can't remember but it was easy and free), i didn't like it. Very obvious, even the clothes and the soundtrack.A waste of time.

  5. First, congatulations for your blog...I didn't know that so many people in this city keep blogging with love and true interest like u!

    I think that this movie is something that waw missing...a true love story, as it happens in life!


  6. loipon authn thn tainia tin xekinisa me ton filo mu alla meta malwsame g asxwto logo k den tin teleiwsame pote!mega sfalma... mallon tha ginei 2h provoli!

    exw episis na sxoliasw trelo prwtagwnisti pou sti mnimi mu tha einai pada to paidaki apo to "10 things i hate about you"!!!!!!


  7. η αγαπημενη μου ταινια!!! :-)



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