Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas


Merry Christmas!
Heelloo lovies!! I can feel it! I can smell the Christmas air.. So, I decided to make a Christmas post : )
Its my favorite holiday and I feel loved-what more can I ask for?

Christmas for me, is...
the lights that shine everywhere from the windows, hot chocolate, snowman wrapping papers, wool scarfs and caps, the song: Last Christmas by Wham, the chocolate calendars(you know, the ones that you open one box every day and you eat a chocolate until Christmas day!), going for coffee in the late Friday afternoons, stardust, stains of hot chocolate on my red jumpers, Frank Sinatra, the movies: Home Alone and The Holiday, New Year's Resolutions,the Starbucks Christmas Tea Flavors, going ice skating on Sundays, new dresses and last but not least...SNOW ON CHRISTMAS DAY! (loughs)

What does Christmas mean to you?


  1. so lovely post!!!!!!!
    love the Zooey pics!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Xmas = Baileys & coffee. And, other things, I suppose.



  3. oooh yes, the best time of the year for sure...glad to see that you get into the spirit as well!
    Lovely blog~

  4. great christmas photos! you put me in a "jingle bells" mood!

  5. christmas for me, is a hot summer day(im australian), my neices and nephews playing outside, the smell of torn christmas paper, waking up in the middle of the night and seeing the christmas tree light illuminating the house, stealing lollies and nuts from the plates, prawns and seafood in general, and making midori mixed drinks :)

  6. wow i just found your blog! i'm lovvvving it! :) i think i just might press all the right buttons and follow you.

    amazing post, lol i'd answer your question but í'd end up writing an essay!

    ♥ ctrlove.blogspot.com

  7. christmas means no school more sleep (: haha have a gud day hun.


  8. Chistmas to me is a time of praising and loving and celebration. :) I might possibly be the happiest girl in the world.



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