White Christmas- Frank Sinatra


Merry Christmas everyone♥
I am here again posting my next post and feeling the Christmas spirit (at last!)I am so excited that we finally reach x-mas!!! Everything is so beautiful in the city and in my life too... Firstly, we decorated our Christmas tree on Thursday and I placed a really cute star with lights in my room! Also, I put little lights around my windows and the atmosphere really changed-I'm telling you, you should absolutely decorate your room-it will change your mood!
Today we went shopping with Daphne at the city center! We took a quick look at the shops, bought some stuff and then went for a coffee at Starbusks : )
(here: my B.F Daphne at Starbucks!)
Today's outfit! (Wellies: ZARA, coat: H&M, scarf: Accessorize,bag: a plain blach cotton bag, hand painted)

These are the cute Snowman-earrings I bought from Accessorize today! I am going to wear them at my school's Christmas Bazaar : P

And this is the new scarf I bought : )

Christmas kisses to everyoneeee : )

Love, Annie


  1. ta skoularikia apo to accessorize me trelainoun!egw foraw ta dika mou kai ta afhnw na anavosvhnoun! (ennoeitai pws oi filoi mou me koroidevoun...)

  2. everythings so pretty.
    happy holidays. (:



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