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Hey everyonee!
This past few days I have been following a serious diet based on cheerios, cheesy pizzas and fashion magazines!!! That officially makes me extremely happy since I enjoyed so much myself!
Guess what, I stayed home today 'cause I felt a bit tired!
I am super excited with my new followers so, special thanks to you guys who make me jump on my bed when I see that you've followed- Be sure that I will follow you back ofcourse!
Christmas is so close that I can actually hear Santa coming down from my chimney. Get ready for my Chrstmas Giveaway-as promised-!
I have to admit that I could hardly stop my hysterical lough when read Joanna's post : )
Next week I will come up with my letter to Santa so please give me any ideas! Not that I dunno what to ask for but I would really like your thoughts too.Bought a new Christmas Cd and received a 50 euro pocketmoney to spend on my X-mas shopping spree!(That actually came with a cute grey coat from H&M-thanks mom!)
Friday night again-favorite day of the week- I ordered the usual pizza and I am ready in my pjs to click on the play button on my dvd player: "Polar Express"
I don't think there's a better movie to get you into x-mas mood!
Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. aaah cheerios, pizza and magazines!! sounds like bliss!

  2. haha! love it. and I'm loving the Alice in Wonderland on your page. I'm a major fan :] xcx

  3. annie <3
    thanks for the comment babe:)

    i didntn take that pic on my blog i found it somewhere..but its soo nice right??!!!

    awwww Polar Express<3 that movie is soo beautiful!!!


  4. wreo t ekenes an k protimousa ligo pio poli t proigoumeno!!!!!!!!!

  5. Ahh I'm so excited about christmas and sounds like an AWESOME diet haha! :) ♥

  6. giam giam giam !!
    ti pio teleio apo auto pu perigrafeis !!!!!!

  7. personally i can't have pizza without any coke,it doesn't feel right!
    You can always ask Santa to grant you free Diet Coke for 2010 for a full experience, if you are intending to stick to this diet ;)

  8. Hi! thank you!!
    I just read some of his old post!
    you blog is cool!
    and of course I follow U!


  9. hey i love your blog, i think your little bit about you is inspired yes it is all about being yourself!! good for you girl i followed drop me a comment if you want(: xx

  10. Thank you for Following XD
    It gets me very excited i start shouting at my laptop lol.
    Love yours too! :D


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