Don't let me fall- Lenka


Hey lovely readers! What have you been up to lately?!
Another Friday, finds me (finally) blogging while downloading movies to spend the night with!

Remember that costume that I was going to make? Well, it turned out to be really cool in the end and I really enjoyed it! I dressed up as a Cupcake : ) It was really easy to make it and I have to admit that I was really cute! hehe! Take a look at that! So, today I bought these yummy marmelade cookies on my way home and they really inspired me to take a picture!

I am so excited that all my friends are back home! (Daphne and Jo). They also bought me such cuute presents! I couldn't be happier actually!

Today we came up with our Valentine's Day plan! We, the single ladies, are going to watch "Valentine's Day" at the cinema and then go out somewhere really fancy for a drink! We will also buy presents for each other so that we don't feel lonely that day! Its gonna be awesome. Much better if we actually had a boyfriend : ) Hahaha! I hope that you come up with something too, if you don't want to spend Valentine's night tucked under your warm blanket on the couch while watching old "Friends" DVDs ! Remember that you don't have to be in a relationship to feel loved! WE GIRLS, CAN BE HAPPY ON OUR OWN TOO!

Many many kisses to all of you!!!

xxx Annie


  1. agapi m<3
    ti gluko post!
    k eisai koukla sti stoli sou!!!!


  2. I have been looking your blog and i think it is really amazing :) mmm sorry i just do my pets exam of english i try to speak i little i hope you undertand my words ! you are a really starbuks fan ^^ me too i loved it (L) Where are u from ? becouse i love london and your life style for this i love starbuks , and i like your form of waer i mean your clothes your scarf is so cute :)


    luck ! from argetnian


  3. teleia einai h stoli-r krima p dn kaname tipota mazi!!!!:)
    t blog t ekanes teleio..........!!!!!!!!

  4. sounds like a pretty perfect valentines day to me! x

  5. cute cute cute. i love cute. but am not cute myself. but we have some things in common I think.

    XXX, Kim

  6. Annie (: Hi howare you ?
    sorry that i didnt use to write you here is because i dont use usually the blog :( i really use facebook ! i guess you have one you can add me :) in my blog there is a window of facebook :) there are parts of your comments that i really dont understand sorry :( i hope you undestand me :S but i really comment you the other day but in your old things like the across the universe movie and others chek out someday ! and i repeat that for em you have a really very good liking, i like your clothes, your scarfs there are amazing ! i guess that you are from of london i dont know why just i feel that, i love starbucks here in argentina we are so happy because now since one year we have starbuks and i love it ! and i like all the movies that you post just thare are faboulous like across the universe ♥ OKOK i think you are boring i dont write anymore for today i try to keep in tocuh but how i say i use facebook or messenger (: i must to go
    luck !


    PS: i like you r cookie bag ^^

    NOE !

  7. ti teleia h stolh sou!! well done sweetheart :)


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