Vanilla smile and a gorgeous strawberry kiss...


Good morning sunshines!
I'm back for another cool post for you, holding my hot cup of cocoa with baby marshamallows on top!
I was thinking about my post's subject all day long but I didn't actually find something specific! I'll go for pretty and beautiful Audrey Hepburn style!

-I love lace (I actually live for it) even though sometimes it is believed old fashioned! I'd die for a hair like that and for bows that are tied so beautifully on them. Plus, maltesers are a girl's best friend! So, this pictures is one of my inspirations for an amazing style!

In the movie, 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' I absolutely loved her! She's one of a kind, pretty, stylish, so chic and elegant. I couldn't resist-I watched the movie over a thousand times!With this I end my post-I have to go to the hairdresser's to have a new haircut : )

Much love to all of you and don't forget, I want you to comment me your icon actress of a classic movie!


  1. My favorite would have to be Audrey Hepburn probably! She's so perfect and elegant in her movies. I love her! Great post:)


  2. lareyw Audrey Hepburn!
    einai panemorfi k teleia me ton diko tis tropo:)


  3. Your blog is lovely! I love lace and Audrey Hepburn is stunning!

  4. I still need to watch this movie, it's a classic! I need to see her outfits.

    :) I love lace also, I'm building my wardrobe around it. <3

    Good post!


  5. I would have to say Marilyn Monroe!!
    I think it's the confidence she had in herself.

  6. I love Audrey Hepburn too and now I have to search for 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' since u watched it for so many times..

    So sorry for the late reply , I did my header with photoshop program it's quite complicated to explain the steps to make it but u can tryv an easier program called "Photoscape", I hope it helped^^

  7. hey, great blog!! Audrey is THE Goddess!!

  8. So chic and elegant! Love the pictures!

  9. Happy valentines, your blog is just too cute xxx


  10. love the picture.
    great to hear from u hun. how was ur vday?


  11. I love Elizabeth Taylor in "Cat on The Hot Tin Roof". She was wearing a perfect white dress, OMG, just perfect!

  12. hiiii ^^ annie :) how are u ?
    how you can see i try to write you often ...
    I saw your comment and i have to say that i feel so happy because that you said that i inspired you to create a blog :) very thanks u
    and about your question of this post i dont know what to answer i dont like classic film and classics actors i think. So i have to go now because tomorrow i will go to the beach of my country mi holidays and next the concert to coldplay i'm so happy.
    LUCK !


  13. nice nice nice...i like your blog!!! its great! i follow YOuuuu...i hope YOuuuu follooowww me toooo. kiss from germany

  14. Oh how I love anything Audrey Hepburn. I love lace too, I think it's weird that people this it's old fashioned. Well, if it's old fashioned then old fashioned must be awesome.

  15. ja adore the first picture!!

  16. cool !!! I love the pictures.

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  18. I would have to agree with you on Audrey Hepburn. But I will have to say I also love Vivien Leigh. Since she plays in older movies I love the dresses and the make there. (:
    Nice blog by the way

  19. hey annie i come back i return to my holidays and i'm right here wow ! you must be very exausted with all the things for study. Next monday i start my last year at scholl, holidays ends :( im very sad . but happy at the same time i'm crazy sou i just passing to said hello , take care !

    NOE !


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