“Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections.”


Goodmorning my dear followers!
I have to admit I feel pretty proud of my 118 followesrs! Thanks for supporting me and my blog, I really love all your sweet thoughts and comments!

Well, this period of time and especially next year will be extremely difficult for me since I am having the final exams for the University I am going to study at. My mind is full of thoughts and dreams for a brilliant future and I am super excited with the idea of moving out of my current house. I imagine myself, in a cute and cosy downtown apartment, with sweet lights and pretty decoration. I have got a huge pile of decoration magazines and books and every time I want to conentrate and set new motives, I open one of them and browse for my future home! This way, I gain power to study more and furthermore succeed. I have this new moto while studying boring history pages: 'Give it a go and think of your cosy house'

My idyllic house would be somewhere in an old neighbourhood, full of pretty buildings with balconies. A little scent of Amelie's neighbourhood for example. Old white windows, almond trees, vintage bookstores and lots of flowers! The air would smell of hot chocolate and croissant. I know its way too unusual and really hard to happen, but who cares! I really believe that our life could be like a movie.

All my inspirations come from Paris apartments and buildings! I would love to have a really nice bakery nearby too. As for my interior decoration, I have to tell you that I love lights! Cosy, sweet and beautiful lights, make THE difference in the house. It doesn't matter wether you have the most cool decoration ever, if you don't have the right lamps lighting the place up. I am telling you there's nothing better than a cosy light next to a vintage window and freshly baked cookies in a rainy day!

I fell in love with that. Literally.

Now, do you see the difference? It lights up the whole room and makes it a place where you want to snuggle up, eat cupcakes and drink hot cocoa while playing board games! Moving on with the kitchen. Take a sneak peek.

Fun wallpapers, different coloured bowls and dishes, shelves for cookbooks, grandma's vintage tea sets, a pink Smeg fridge and a purple mixer! Its time I lead to you to my bedroom. I would absolutely settle with something like that.

Now, here are some tips I found on a deco magazine to transform your place:

  • Put a picture of your beloved animal next to your doorbell, saying 'welcome home'!
  • If you have stairs in your house, paint them in different colors to make it more fun!
  • Put pictures of your life, in unusual frames of different kinds on a wall.
  • Paint the ceiling in a light-pastel color. Light blue or creamy white. When you'll look up, you will think you are in heaven!
  • Invest in sweet-smelling detergents for your laundry. Lavender will absolutely make your day!
  • Put vintage wallpaper in your wardrobe.
  • Mirrors! Lots of them, in different places, in different colors!
  • Buy a warm basket, with a cute pillow for your loving animal and place it in the corner of your living room.

That's for now, sweet people! I hope I've given you plenty ideas to work on and make your place a place like heaven. Cause nowhere is like home...

Have an amazing weekend and enjoy your life as much as you can


  1. omg ur post was so cute!
    those bedroom photos look stunning
    the way u descibe them made them come alive:)
    Gosh i really cant wait to go to the university

    MaR Φ

  2. Hey annie!
    I'm really glad you commented on my blog because it meant i could discover yours!
    It so dreamy and sweet!
    I'm probably about 75% living my dream at university! sadly i'm sharing a house with people i don't know so i can't decorate there but my room is like me! although i can't paint it and can't put many pictures up..
    I hope you can!
    I'm probably going back to Paris this Easter too! My friend is taking me on a tour of fashion things in Paris, let me know if your going and when!

  3. love these things (: very great colors..


  4. I love that you take so much inspiration from Amelie. The first time I saw that movie I was awestruck, I was so amazed. Wouldn't it be great if life was actually like her life? I love your pictures! Now I want a cozy Parisian flat!

  5. Teleio...!!!!!!Autes ts photos pou ts vrikes einai teleieeeees k idika h teleutea...!!!!
    Stile kanena mnm an einai gia n pame gia podilato smr!!!!

  6. Annie, my dream house does not exist, yet!
    Wow, all of those pictures are really amazing and I am in love too with the kitchen (where i spend almost all my time!).
    Good luck with your exams! And of course I wish you to get 200 followers! And we'll see!

  7. Hey Annie:)I thank for following my blog too.. I like to visit your really beautiful and sweet blog! I live in Czech Republic and you?
    See you:)

  8. those pictures are so cute! :D
    and who wouldnt want to live in a pretty house like that! i cant wait to move aswell :)
    thanks a lot for following, im following back haha. and i dont know yet if im going with a boy. a close friend asked me but im not quiet sure if hes the "right"

  9. we could be the perfect roomates ;) <3 i love youu and hope you have not forgot me ;(

  10. Oh I love that kitchen!!! I'd cook in it everyday :D
    I hope you can get, and decorate your dream place the way you want too, I can already feel it will be super cute and awesome.
    By the way that icecream light is looking delicious lol.

  11. i loooove that post
    so cute and inspiring
    i love yoour blog also
    i follow
    please follow me back
    xoxo natalia

  12. to fwtistiko xwnaki re den uparxei... pws ginetai na to brw??? to thelw twra.....

  13. Ow I'm so going to remember those! Awesome!

    ♥ dontlookinthecamera.blogspot.com

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