Sugar Mouse- Oh Atoms!


Good evening my dear readers!

My thoughts go out to New York City as I lay on my couch. (Joanna is to blame-yes you my darling girl,with all ur fancy fb pictures!)
And I wonder; what is it about NY that makes us wanna pack our things and catch the first plane? Is it that reminds us of Carrie Bradshaw and her darling girls? Or is it about the bakeries? Or about the amazing Times Square? Or is it the yellow cabs? I wonder. Will I get to live in this city before I turn 90? They say, each one of us, has to visit NY someday in his life. I believe its true. There is something magical about it.

I'd die for an apartment downtown! (and who wouldn't!) And I believe that life can turn out to be a movie after all. 'Cause you see all these amazing movies, where they live in cool apartments on the Upper East Side and you imagine yourself entering the room and clicking on your voice machine while taking your Chloe boots off! Who says that this can't be true? NONE!
Well, I guess I have dreamt enough. Its time to get back in my dull reality which is consisted of endless homework and mad parents, I am living the real life. But, I am telling you dear readers, one day I'll be blogging from my apartment somewhere in NY City! So remember that! Now that I am a bit sick I would like to introduce you to my new friends! My tissues and my cup of warm cocoa! They keep me cheered up all day long!(So, I guess they deserve to be mentioned).

Today, we went with my friends at Playhouse, a cafe where you can also play board games! Its my fav one since I love games especially with great friends! Tomorrow, I am planning on making cupcakes, but I am having a problem. I don't really know how to make the icing. So, please my dear friends, I would really appreciate it if you could send me a recipe for the frosting!!!

Since I didn't know how to kill my endless time, I thought of spending some time browsing on the internet on! I so love these products plus, they are organic! Only the flavors and the variety of products makes them officially worth buying. I read almost all the reviews and each product's analysis as if I am going to be tested : ) And I literally fell in love with the bath melt; Mmm Melting Marshmallow Moment! A moment before I got to leave the website a title cought my eye; Vanilla Puff Dusting Powder! OMG (I never use im but I am making an exception!) Its is a sweetly scented powder to keep the skin smooth and help the clothes slide on and off! I am making a credit card to go for online shopping. Thats it! How about you? Which is your fav Lush product?

bath bombs!

Also, I have a tip for all my readers! Please, make sure that you have added your blog link to your profile so that I can follow you back. If you want to make sure that you have added your blog link try this: when you click on someone's picture in order to follow his blog, go to your settings, next to your picture which is in the right corner of the box. Click settings-> add/remove-> blogger. Then click done and you're ready to go! Don't forget to add ur picture cause it makes it more personal! I hope I made it clear and please try doing it because otherwise I can't find ur blog link!

Have a great night lovely readers!


  1. I went to New York last summer-it is the most amazing place in the whole wide world to me!!! Everything is so interesting, glamorous, and AMAZING. I hope you feel better soon:)


  2. NYC is just magical! I will visit this lovely city end of April and I am so excited. I totally agree with your passion and share your dream :)

  3. Ohhh such a yummy post
    i loved it

  4. I love your ideology that life can be like a movie.. because there are SO many movies/characters that I'd want my life to be reflect. Beautiful post! I want one of those bath bombs & some hot cocoa too!

  5. All ur posts are sweet
    u write like ur livin in a fairytale and i really need something like that right now.
    i'm down with a cold 2, fellow blogger:)
    get well soon

    ΜαR Φ.

  6. Annie I can't find something really special about NY, but everyone wants to visit it! Including me! And because of the millions of movies that are taking place in the big apple, you just could not get yourself lost! (New York is also the favorite city of Woody Allen, he must know something more than we do!)

    Well, I also love Playhouse! That means we live in the same city, right?

  7. My parents just got back from New York with lots of nice purchases...which makes me even more eager to visit there one day! Bring on the concrete jungle :)

    P.S.when i visited N.Y.I really felt like Carrie...There s something magic in the air of this city!U should visit N.Y.asap..!

  9. Next big destination will definitely be NY!I don't care if I have to save for years!!
    I m using Vanilla Dusting Powder everyday as a deodorant!It's organic so I avoid chemicals and it smells amazing! All my friends asked me some too!

  10. Totally amazing post! Talking about NY, I feel the same way. All those movies and serials made NY dream city... I know one day we'll go there!

  11. Κάτι ξέρει ο Woody Allen! Την παρουσιάζει τόσο ποιητικά στις ταινίες του! Είχα δει πριν καιρο το Annie Hall όπου η πόλη φαινόταν μαγική!

  12. Μπορείς να προσθέσεις και εμένα στη λίστα αυτών που θέλουν να επισκεφθούν κάποια στιγμή τη Νέα Υόρκη...:)
    Εύχομαι να πραγματοποιήσεις το όνειρο σου!

    P.S. Λατρεύω το blog σου!!Είναι παραμυθένιο... :)

  13. I soooo want to go to New York!!

    Blackberry Sherbet

  14. Annie :) how are you ? so long !
    It's me NOELIA :)
    you can't believe ! in mi blog all the coments just disappear :( im very angry i'm just did some things to the blog, for looks more beutiful but now i dont have any comments ! it would be great if you write some thing son my blog :) i hope you do :) it will makes me very happy
    I really like your blog now ! oh look this cakes are so cute ^^
    i hope you're okey i must to go see u :)

  15. amzing photos!
    soooo sweet!
    and i want to go to New York!

    from tokyo

  16. I love NYC!! visit my blog to see some of my pics of the City!!

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