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My dear readers,
only 16 hours left until I leave for Paris! I am so excited I can't even concentrate to pack my suitcase! Gosh, I love this particular time of travelling, when you have to organise the proper things for your suitcase and then pack them. Then I love the airport thing... Oh, I really can't believe I am actually going there! Its like a dream finally coming true! Now, I'm listening to this song which has absolutely made my day and I am browsing for inspirational pictures!
I went to buy a Teen Vogue just for my flight 'cause I didn't know what to do and found out some really cool things about my fashion icons. Well, I continue to despise Taylor Momsen but still I think she looks steaming hot in her cool outfits. Although she was so cute and girlie in Gossip Girl, season 1 now she has turned her style into funky rock that reminds me something of grunge. I don't like leather jackets but I find them really interesting when she is wearing them!
I still wonder how she came to be a teen idol!
Now, as for my own fav fashion icons! Alexa Chung and lately Peaches Geldof (I am now discovering her style)
The truth is that I don't actually love all of her outfits but for sure she is absolutely chic and stylish in most of her outings! This outfits is one of my favs : )
Peaches Geldof
Now, something for Pattinson fans! I watched Remember me twice! Yes I went to the movies two times and watched the same movie (only the second time, it was the ice cream edition!). He is GORGEOUS. We couldn't take our eyes of him! And the movie was sooo great! I absolutely recommend it!
Tell me now, isn't he the coolest guy you've ever seen?!

Now I have to leave my dear readers! I have to pack my suitcase and then prepare myself! I hope you have a great week, oh and don't forget to tell me which is your fav fashion icon! I really want to find more inspirational celebs!


  1. Really great post.. I completely know how you feel about going on holiday and the excitement from packing and the airport!

    Also, I agree - Rob Pattinson and Alexa Chung are just amazing. Really. :)


  2. theres sucha great style going on.. haha u must be so happy to go to paris.. lucky.


  3. Oh, you are such a lucky duck to be able to go to Paris! That is one place I MUST see.


  4. have a wonderful time!
    be Amelie for me!

    and Peaches is my homegirl.
    She is seriously amazing.
    and she's so young! 20 years old

  5. have an extraordinary time in Paris!Have fun and dont forget to post pics when you come back!

    i love this post,Rob Pattinson and fashion icons all at once,aww its just great:)

  6. Hey sweety! I'm sure you'll have an amazing time at Paris ;)

    As for the fashion icons, check out Jessica Alba and Bar Rafaelli

    I expect a post where you'll tell us about Paris!


  7. Ax, Parisi ti wraia! Na mas deikseis ola ta oraia pou ta pareis ekei, otan guriseis...

  8. Lauren Conrad, Nicole Richie, Vanessa Hudgens, Kim Kardashian, my top fashionista list!

  9. I wish you a great time in Paris. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. On April 14 at 9:30 pm, will be the first website to stream a Greek fashion show live on the web. We are of course talking about the .Lak S/S 10 Fashion Show directed by the fashion virtuoso Lakis Gavalas .
    So, save the date and stay tuned!

  11. 1BON VOYAGE MA CHERIE!!!!!!!
    2There s an area รก Paris,where u can find adorable vintage clothes!!!!!!!Go for it!
    3I m waiting for photos....lots of photos!!!!!!!!!

  12. aaax...ziliaaaaaa...

    na perasis teliaaaa!!!

  13. anna m k egw 8 h8ela n paw kentro alla t savato 8 eimai alexandroupoli k tn eponi evdomada 8 einai edw h susanna!
    Alla 8 katevw tn pempth t apogeuma an mporeis ela mazi m!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Haven't seen the movie yet (it's on my to do list) and I want to go to Paris (very) soon!

  15. Bon voyage annie! And do not forget to eat macarons! French bake them sooo perfect!
    Au revoir!

  16. diavazw thn peaches edw kai kati xronia :)
    einai 8ea :)


    Hello Friend, I love love love your blog, it‘s very interesting!!! I really like your style!! i‘ll visit you many times for sure honey.


  18. hey annie, glad you like my pics, its lovely to know you do!!
    your blog is so pretty! and im very pleased you went to Paris, isnt it so romantic?!
    i must admit, i dont rele look at style icons but i get the impression that maybe alexa is a bit over rated - my view! however yet TM does look hot in everything!

  19. super!!!i soooo envy you!!!

  20. hope you have a wonderful, wonderful rest of your time there!!!! :)

  21. Alexa Chung is great!Sweet blog,following.kisses

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  23. Have a great time in Paris! I love alexa Chung's style.

  24. i love this sooong!


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