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Hello dearest readers! Vacation officially ended last week, so it was time I post something now that I am back. I  have to admit, I really missed blogging and city life, so its good to be back (I think i am too tanned for the city-i hate that!)

this summer included: fresh homemade iced lemonade, friends, books, laughters, board games, pictures, peach pies, love, seaside walks, sunrises, sunbathing with iPod, early wake ups, donuts,beeeers, fashion magazines, plans for an amazing new year, funny hangovers(!), ice creams and BBQs, guys from Poland, crepes, night swimming(Daphne, if you're reading this you must be smiling!), our tent, surfers, Harry Potter marathons, floral headbands, naps under the trees...
So these were my lovely holidays-I hope you like the pictures :)
Next week I am doing a post for my closet and clothes and for my city life, now that I am studying like crazy!
-Wish you all a happy happy weekend-
sweet chocolate kisses!
Answer to all of you who are asking: these pictures were taken in Kalamitsi-were I spend vacation for the past 15 years! enjoy


  1. Wonderful photos, i love them!
    Can't wait for your next post(:

  2. You seem you had a great time! That's good! Happy memories!!

    (Boys from Poland?? Wow, that is much more than just good! Right?)

  3. awwww,thank you so much!
    your blog is so great!
    of cours i'll follow you but the problem is that i can't either :s
    sorry i will try it later again!

  4. poli omorfes foto glykoula!!!
    alitheia pou piges diakopes?

  5. wow the second pictures is so beautiful! you're a good photographer! hehe guys from poland :)

  6. it looks so picturesque there!! i want to go :D

  7. I have never seen sand that looked like that before, lol Beautiful pictures tho.

  8. Oh, the beach looks so beautiful... Calming, even. xxx
    p.s. you have a lovely blog!

  9. Ok,now that sounds like what I call perfect holidays:):)
    Teleies fwtografies<3
    Kai 8a to 3anapw: Latreuw to blog sou!!:D:D:D

  10. Kalo f8inopwro mwro m:)
    can't wait for your fall posts:)

  11. yey finally i cann follow your great blog :-*
    will you follow mine?that were realy nice :)

  12. those photos are gorgeous and just got me incredibly excited that spring is on its way :)

  13. Aww...I miss the beach!

    Very lovely photos too. :)

  14. Heey sweety <3
    I love love love your blog and i follow you now. Can you follow me back? OMG, that was so fucking gooood <3 Please!

    Love you,

  15. hahahaha twra t diavasa k ontws gelaw!!!!!!

  16. aw<3 the last picture is fantastic.
    It seems like you had a great time there!
    που πηγες?

  17. Hello hello!!!!!Wonderful pictures!!Seems like you had fun,huh?!
    Well,I'm back,so you may wanna check my blog - all summer I posted 3 times!Not such a good blogger!haha

    Looking forward to your new posts!!

  18. Awesome pictures and I saw that you had a blog called Studmuffin..? Thats so random that we have the same name! Did you just change it? :) I'm so sorry for the long long long wait but I'm back - and posting :) Sorry for the long wait as well, but thank you for your lovely comment! Panda xx

  19. annie ♥ HOW ARE U ? amazing pictures there are lovely a wonderful place is like a dream, like a film oh you read he is not into you book i love this film i really need to find this book ! THANKS FOR LEAVE ME A COMENT ! Lisent you have to tell me about your holidays ! In my country is winteer !
    And i'm on time of school but the next monday i am going to go to bariloche with my school friends ! Bariloche is acity of argentina with snow and much cold so much find is traditional in our country this trip in the senior year so i am so happy but i have to study and do so many things. AAAA I am goin to go to a bon jovi concerts i have my ticketks i am so haaappy ! i cant believe in fact i hope you are find LUCK WITH YOUR STUDY
    BE HAPPY !
    Kisses and love !

    NOE :)

  20. Ααα τι ωραιαα :D χαιρομαι που περασες καλα το καλοκαιρι... οι φωτογραφιες ειναι πολυ ωραιες και η λιστα με οσα περιλαμβαναν οι διακοπες ακουγεται τουλαχιστον ενδιαφερουσα! ;)

  21. These photos look great, what a perfect holiday location. Loving your dress in the post below also.


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