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So, as said to my last post I would be posting some things from my reality lately! School starts in about 12 days-not so excited- and it's my senior year. I actually don't believe that this will be my last year in school and this is so exciting yet, weird. Anyway, I'll try do my best when it comes to studying-which has already begun-but i feel excited for this fresh start.
that's my desk

i went for coffee and a walk at the city on Tuesday with a my friend G. and took some pictures of the sunset
baked some cupcakes this morning.

These are the books I bought with the last money I had for this month but it felt really good-i understood that not only clothes can make you happy. Sometimes, you just need to buy something for YOU as a person.
(but you know, clothes are nice too-so i bought a floral dress on my way home!)

these past few days, i am spending my time studying for my lessons and sketching my future house. Next year, i'll probably be moving out of my parents' house and I absolutely can't wait for that moment-ahh, i keep having pictures of me in IKEA, picking out mugs, plates and stuff! as you can see, i've found my motives to start studying!
next year i'll be doing so many things like travelling to Paris and London, reading literature, visiting friends, exploring music, relaxing, making countless plans for my life..if only I could study what i really want to.
so, with that i have to leave you guys. For now, lets just focus on being HAPPY. That's the most important at all times as my friend V. says!

xxx have a wonderful time
P.S: for all of you who are asking, these pictures aren't from my room-they are just inspirations and ideas for my future home. only the first with my desk is mine :)


  1. τι γλυκό blog.
    τι όμορφες φωτογραφίες!
    καλή αρχή στο σχολείο και κοίτα να την απολαύσεις όσο "περίεργη" κι είναι η τελευταία χρονιά!!!

  2. Ομορφες φωτογραφιες! C: και τι ωραια βιβλιααα *Α* θα κοιταξω να παρω και γω κανενα βιβλιο ζαχαροπλαστικης φετος.

    καλη τυχη με το σχολειο και το διαβασμα φετος! οπως ειπε και η zoe, να την απολαυσεις κι ας ειναι περιεργη! <3

  3. ax se zhleuw! zeis se ena teleio spiti, kai 8a pas se ena kainourgio (akoma pio wraio fantazomai), pragma pou skopeuw na kanw k egw suntoma!
    teleies fwtos!
    teleio post!

  4. Lovely pictures, and good luck with the last year adventure!
    Aand, I think I will spent also my last money on a cooking book, I'd love to know how to bake my own cupcakes, and generally, cakes!
    Thanks for the comment btw!

  5. No kidding δεν θα πει τιποτα... τρομερη η ταινια, ομως, ε? :)

    thanks for the comment, too!


  6. χα. ήταν σαν να διαβάζω τις σκέψεις μου:) καλή επιτυχία για φέτος!
    (και του χρόνου να πανηγυρίζεις την επιτυχία σου στις πανελλήνιες δίπλα στο Σηκουάνα. εγώ αυτό έχω πάντως σκοπό να κάνω;)

  7. Aaaaaah, i Thessalonikoula mou! Distixws tha perasei arketos kairos gia na perpatisw kai pali se aftous tous dromous... :( Elpizw pantws na aksizei ton kopo wste na perpataw tou xronou kathe mera ekei! ;) Teleia ta vivlia mageirikis (tha ithela na agorasw kai egw kapoia alla prohgeitai i xeimerini gkarntarompa) opote pros to paron arkoumai me suntages apo to internet! Ante kali arxi kai kalo kouragio kai apo edw! :)

  8. Καλη επιτυχια στη τελευταια σου χρονια,ελπιζω να περασεις εκει που ονειρευεσαι!Ειναι πραγματικα πολυ ωραιο να ετοιμαζεις το σπιτι που θα μεινεις μονη σου!:)

  9. Hey,
    awesome blog :)
    Love the header,i'll follow you :D

    xoxo Marlene

  10. Ααααχ καο εγώ περιμένω πως και πως την φοιτητική ζωή(αν και θα έρθει
    -ελπίζω- σε δύο χρόνια!)
    Και κάνψ ακριβώς ότι και εσύ!Με φαντάζομαι στο ΙΚΕΑ να διαλέγω έπιπλα και στο δωμάτιο μου να πακετάρω ρούχα και πράγματα:):)
    Πολύ μαρέσει που μαγειρεύεις!:)

    Keep dreaming and make your last year in school be your best!<3<3

  11. geia glukula!!!
    kali arxi euxomai kai egw!!
    etsi na oneireuesai pada!
    i teleutaia fwto einai teleia, kai egw thelw tetoio dwmatio!!!!!

  12. na xeis mia omorfi foititikh zwh opws tin oneireuesai twra sto ''paidiko'' dwmatio sto spiti twn goniwn xeis dinami na kinigas ta oneira sou no matter what..
    ki ena mikro tip...epeidh oi anthrwpoi kanoun to meros, sou euxomai OPOU ki an vretheis tou xronou na spoudazeis na gnwriseis autous pou tha kanoun ti kathe mikri stigmi na moiazei me oneiro (egw ipir3a pooooolli tixeri se auto!!)

  13. the pictures are so pretty :)
    my school starts on monday alreadyyyy D: and it will be my last year too gaaah..
    yummy muffins :D

  14. These photographs are so beautiful! I love your room, it's so cute. White makes everything look so pretty! Sorry for the late reply, but thanks so much for your sweet comment! I'm posting again, panda xo

  15. αααχα ειμαστε και απο την ίδια πόλη!!πρέπει να έρθεις κι εσύ στις μπλογκοσυναντήσεις!

  16. Sweetie you've been tagged!Check my blog!!!!!

    PS:amazing pics!

  17. Τι φοβερό blog! Οι φωτογραφίες είναι απτο δωμάτιο σου? Θα κλέψω μερικές ιδέες γιατί είναι στο στυλ που αλλάζω το δικό μου!

    Καλώς σε βρήκα!

  18. i love this post! :)
    love all your books.. so pretty


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