sweet darling


happy happy happy birthday my Daphne!
people hey-today is my b.f's birthday and I am so damn excited about that-I was planning to make her a surprise  party at my house, but she has class until late (and thats why i am posting that now ofc!) cause I won't be making it. I was pretty sad, cause I've planned the whole thing-and now, if she reads this post she must be really sad too. But still, my bestie is turning 17 today! I wish you EVERYTHING dear and I hope that we'll grow old together and celebrate our 97 together, baking birthday cupcakes and talking about style.

now, you know that i wanted to make a surprise birthday party for you- but be aware, cause surprise parties  are more fun when they are real SURPRISE parties... (hihihi)
always remember i am here for you-even if we may not be together next year.  you'll always be the sweetie little pie that i love.

xxx Oh, and please don't forget to wish her happy b-day please. Click here!


  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dn pirazei an fetos dn m kaneis suprise party uparxei k epomenh xronia k h me8epomenh k paei legontas!!!!
    xaxaxaxa euxaristw pli pli pli pli gia t pist glikia m s'agapaw pli pli pli k eimai sgr oti 8 goirtasoum k t 100 gene8lia ms mazi!!!!!
    Malon 8 sas paw 8ermaiko t vradu-do u like the idea h mipws protimas pasta flora???

  2. i'm in for both :) you choose-its your day!!!
    padws kai ta dyo einai teleia!

  3. aaa kai tha valw auta p legame!!e?
    what abt you?

  4. dn exw idea t 8 valw-dwse m kamia idea gt dn m vlepw kla dn exw tpt!t vraki m anapoda 8 valw!
    aaaa m eir8e k allh idea t arthouse!?t les?

  5. mm nai-alla skeftomai oti borei na nai weird kathimerinh..
    check out your mom's closet!

  6. auto 8 kanw!nai ama valw t vraki m anapoda 8 einai weird alla mn stenaxwriese esu mia xara 8 eisai!!!
    h swtiria lisi einai h ntoulapa ts mamas!

  7. You are a great friend!
    It's so nice to have such a good best friend!
    And, you can also make her a suprise birthday present, instead of the suprise birthday party!;)

  8. I LOVE Surprise Partys:)


  9. ax! eisai toso glukia! makari na eixa filous san k esena! a k super oi eikones! by the way molis twra katalava apo ton dialogo sas oti eiste k eseis thessalonikies. kanoniste na vre8oume se kamia bloggosunanthsh.
    happy birthday daphne!

  10. Oh this is soo sweet sweetie!:D
    I had a superise party too, the year before. It was so lovely to see all ur friends, celebreted ur b'day too. I missed that..

    anyway, happy sweet ad amazing b'day to ur best friend. You girls deserve all the best:)


  11. A really amazing friend :D

    Come visit my blog and if you like it follow me :)

    I follow you !



  12. hey again! i tagged you! check my blog out!


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