it's a piece of cake


Hello loves
it's been a lovely, rainy and cold morning which i love, with a huge pile of To-Do homework, which i hate! But that's what tea is for. ok and a few chocolate-vanilla cookies (don't make it a big deal!).
Halloween is on Sunday (yey!) only i wish we had a pumpkin too! Daphne and i, are organizing this amazing party for Sunday which i hope will turn out to be amazingly good! Stay tuned for photos

and yesterday i spent the day listening to Miles Davis and keeping notes with my fav recipes of the month. I ended up on the carpet eating maltesers and watching one of the most epic movies: Micmacs à tire-larigot. I love this director and generally European productions.
Tomorrow i'm planning on making an apple pie for my mom and dad as a surprise! Wish me luck cause i've never done one before!
 @Pastaflora Darling (that's my bf Daphne)

girl crush on Αlexa Chung (sigh..) words.
i wish you a great afternoon
xxx Annie
P.S: Its raining cats and dogs!So cool, i'm gonna sit by the window and watch


  1. aww better get to your homework, hehe :) enjoy the rain!

  2. Good luck with the apple pie! Today I made some super chocolate muffins all alone with great success! So, I will not eat cake, as you wrote to me, I will eat muffins! :D I love your new photos! How cute! And yes, it was a tough time, but I feel better... Kisses cupcake girl!

  3. good luck with the pie!!!
    nice pictures! :)

  4. OF CORSE YOU'RE GONNA MAKE IT!It's like you were born with all that stuff in your mind!And you're as sweet as the maltessers are(and that's something I DON'T say that easily!)I'll maybe see this movie in the weekend!
    Have a UNFORGETTABLE party!

  5. Kalh tyxh me to party.
    H mhlopita eimai sigouri pos 8a einai teleia!
    X8es vraxika gia ta kala alla mou aresei toso poly pou epitelous arxizei na kanei krio! <3

  6. Yay ke emeis tha kanoume Halloween Party!
    Tha ta pas mia xara me tin milopita! Post pics!

  7. Σε ευχαριστώ πολύ πολύ για το σχόλιο σου!!Όταν είδα πρώτη φορά το blog σου έπαθα πλάκα με τα γλυκά που φτιάχνεις....(πεθαίνω για γλυκά)!!
    Μένω στο Μοσχάτο, εσύ??

    Υ.Γ. Πολύ ωραίο blog και κυρίως διαφορετικό από όλα όσα υπάρχουν...!!!

  8. Have fun at the party and I'll bet the apple pie would taste terrific!

    I love those sparkling lights that you hang on your wall. Its really pretty.


  9. Agaphmeno pastaflora darling! Polla filia, kalh evdomada k kalh dynamh me to diavasma (been there, done that!)

  10. Your posts always manage to make me laugh, smile, imagine, agree. GOD I LOVE YOU :) Agree'd with Alexa too.. mmmm Thanks for your lovely comment, I'm back posting! Been so busy >_< Panda xo

  11. "Pastaflora darling"? Ποσο τελειο?? :D

    (ναι, ειμαι ζωντανη :Ρ μην τα ρωτας )

    Παρεπιμπτοντως, χρονια πολλα και καλα εστω και καθυστερημεναα! <3 ΠΟΛΥ καθυστερημενα δηλαδη... βασικα ηθελα να σου ζωγραφισω κατι και μετα να σου πω χρονια πολλα οποτε ολο το μετεθετα και...I fail. τοσο πολυ. x)

    Anyway... παρτυ παρτυ παρτυυ! ελπιζω να βγηκε τελειο και να περασατε τελεια! το ιδιο και για την μηλοπιτα.

    και φυσικα...φιλε. Alexa Chung! so. much. style. girl crush indeed!

  12. διαβασα το μπλογκ σου μεχρι πολυυυυυ πολυ πισω και οταν τελειωσα εβαλα nina simone και she and him και μια μεγαλη αχνιστη κουπα και περιμενα να πεσουν απο τον ουρανο οι φιλοι μου στηριγμενοι σε μπαλονια κρατωντας μια πιατελα χρωματιστα cup cakes
    καλες σου συνεχειες μικρη anne :)

  13. Άννα, μοιάζετε πολύ με τη φέλοου Αλέξα! Ερωτεύσιμο μπλογκ. Hope all is well.


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