one night only-say you don't want it


Good morning everyone! I love Sundayyy and today was a great morning. Watched the House Of Mouse with my dad along with some nutella toast (my brother's special toast!). yeah, so i should be probably studying Latin for tomorrow's test now but i had so many things in my mind and wanted to share with you guys. So, i do know, that loooong text bores/ scares/ makes you click the x button up on the right. But, i am still posting. Even if you don't read (offenses not taken) enjoy the pictures!

What did you all do for Halloween? Our gathering was so fun! Daphne prepared a green-ish jelly with jelly warms and I, a chocolate suffle. For dinner we ate mom's cheese suffle. Jo dressed up as a witch but the rest of us didn't (lame)! Daphne put on some scary make up and then we watched a Halloween thriller (Trick or Treat). It's such a pity we don't celebrate Halloween cause its such a fun night. Although we didn't find a pumpkin we made it work and it felt like Halloween night!

 darling girls (without me!)


preparing the chocolate for the suffle (sorry no pictures from the result!)

Well, yesterday while i was getting ready for dinner with friends, i was watching Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, one of the coolest movies ever, right? I noticed a lot of glaring mistakes, that probably a little kid wouldn't, but still. In the beginning it says that the five tickets had been sent to all parts of the world and it shows specifically Tokyo and Marrakesh (where people would trade goats for four WONKA bars!) But, none from those places won a ticket. In fact, all of the kids where from the US. Ok except the German boy Augustus but this just doesn't make sense. Also, after this boy fell on the chocolate waterfall...ew! I wouldn't want to buy a Wonka bar with Augustus Gloop flavor! And Willy Wonka says that none is allowed to ever touch the chocolate  waterfall. (you never brake Willy Wonka's rules!) The whole point of the movie in my opinion is absolutely amazing and makes it officially one of the top movies on my list. And of course the best line:
Mike Tivi: Why is everything in this room completely pointless?
Charlie Bucket: Candy doesn't have to have a point. That's why it's candy...

all of these kids got what they deserved in the end, hurray! I hated you all!
LATELY: i have been spending my time listening to music and making Christmas Lists (!!!!), ok and studying a lot! I've been making so many plans for next year and for College...its going to be legen....wait for it..-dary!!
Also, i am craving so much for a trip, somewhere, anywhere. But if i got to choose, it would be def Paris! yes, again!
Ok. so people hold on tight cause Christmas is almost here (around 60 days or smth)
and i will be posting so many things in a couple-a-days! I have so many lists and papers and gotta organize my little desk and make new lists for IKEA  (jo told me yesterday, Christmas stuff is out!).Got so many things to prepare and buy a new diary. I'll be also hosting a Christmas party at my place and it has to be amazing!
Oh, almost forgtot! Here is my apple tart i told you about on my last post! It turned out to be delicious!

kisses to all of you out there xxx
P.S: This is really important! I am having  a problem with my account and i cannot follow any of you. I am so sorry, i am checking all of your blogs but i simply can't follow. Can anyone tell me what to do, or is anyone having the same problem? I would love some help so please comment if you know what's up.


  1. Mmm, sxetika me ton blogger, ego xrisimopio ton google reader. Prepei na pas sto english. Tha vreis to google reader. apo ekei kanw suncribe giati merikes fores to blogger exei provlima.

  2. nice pictures!!!
    and yes this movie is one of my favorites!!!
    the pie looks so yummy!!!
    when you'll fix your problem with your blogger, i'll be glad if you follow me!!!

  3. Τι υπέροχο ποστ! Πρώτα απ'όλα, το μακιγιάζ της Δάφνης είναι τέλειο! Είναι σαν πρωταγωνίστρια dark ταινίας του Tim Burton! Και παίρνοντας πάσα από αυτό, πρέπει να παραδεχτώ ότι δεν την έχω δει την ταινία (shame on me!), άλλα μπήκε στην λίστα μου! Και εγώ κάνω λίστες για τα Χριστούγεννα! Ψάχνω για ημερολόγιο (τρελαίνομαι για τη διαδικασία αυτή) και μάλλον τείνω προς τον Snoopy... Δεν ξέρω αν είναι φυσιολογικό αλλά δένομαι συναισθηματικά με τα ημερολόγια μου! Καλά να περνάς! Φιλιά!

  4. koritsakia, mastaremata ke glika!! agapo*

  5. You all are so cuuute. Looks like so much fun, and that jelly is freaking AWESOME. Thanks for the sweet comment, as usual, you put a smile on my face! + Just did a new post!
    Panda xo

  6. Your Halloween pictures look so fun!

  7. αγαπητη συμπολιτισσα ανακαλυψα προσφατα το μπλογκ σου και εχω να πω οτι...ειναι ενα σκετο βασανο για την κοιλια μου!

  8. I do love that movie!


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