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Hello dear readers--countdown to Christmas: 41 days left (according to my new diary)
How was your week? Mine has been surprisingly good although i think i might have broken the washing machine (!). So, i had a lot of homework to finish esp yesterday and the clock just seemed really angry with me (yelling at me actually)But i managed it and now i am posting.
I spent the afternoon yesterday watching Gossip Girl and browsing my cookbooks for an inspiring recipe! I'll go for truffles!

isn't it just amazing? (i'm thinking of making it for my mom's b-day on Saturday)

On Monday i went out with my bf and we hit the stores! I bought a lovely Tea Party pendant i have been wanting for so long
i am in love with it (the cupcake pendant is a gift i got for my b-day)
i also got a new scrapbook and i am so excited!!! I am planning on making the chocolate truffles recipe  tonight! I can't wait but first i gotta finish homewooooooork! (argh)
Starbucks put the new Christmas cups! That means Christmas is right down the corner and I couldn't be happier!
I wish you all a lovely afternoon
i shall leave you with my fav picture in the moment. I want so badly to got to Paris again..with a Nikon by my side.


  1. Just realised I've been following your blog for a while now but haven't been on it much- don't know why, 'cause it's pretty awesome :) I absolutely love that Tea Party pendant- and that cake looks fabulous, congrats if you can pull it off!

  2. Annie tha me iothetiseis?KAi na mu mageireueis keik, cupcakes kai lixudies kathe mera?????????????????
    i mama su mallon tha glifi ta daxtulatis to savvato!

  3. ♥ Μου έφτιαξες τη διάθεση (κάτι πολύ δύσκολο σήμερα, γιατί έχω κάτι αρκετά σοβαρά προβληματάκια)... Αυτό που με τρελαίνει είναι το βιβλίο της ιστορίας πίσω από το βιβλίο με τις συνταγές! Μην ξεχνιόμαστε ότι είμαστε και τρίτη λυκείου! Η φωτογραφία με τα κολιεδάκια υπέροχη! Νόμιζα ότι την βρήκες στο weheartit! Φανταστική και η φωτογραφία από το Παρίσι! Τα κτίρια είναι σαν γλυκά από φράουλα, σοκολάτα και βανίλια! Θα ήθελα και εγώ τόσο πολύ να πάω (και να μην ξαναγυρίσω αν είναι δυνατόν). Φιλάκια! ♥

  4. how sweet!
    sketh glyka to pendant!!!

  5. ουαου!!!
    τι υπέροχα μενταγιόν!!!
    πάντα τα post σου έχουν κάτι απο άχνη ζάχαρη και μυρωδιά βανίλιας!!!
    καλό κουράγιο με το homework!


  6. θα μπορούσα να επικοινωνήσω μαζί σου με ένα mail? χρειάζομαι μια συμβουλή!


  7. a punch of really nice pics!

  8. Yperoxo post sweetheart!!
    I loved the pendants so much!! gOOd luck with those truffles although you don't need it at all anyway:))
    Keep smiling<3

  9. Ok, now i'm in love with your blog.
    this post made me smile.
    It's so cute, the photos are awesome.
    and make that cake for your mum, i would be happy if I was a mother and my daughter made one for me:D
    take photos to show us the result:D xx

  10. Αααααχ τι ωραιαααα!
    1) Well done που καταφερες να τα διαβασεις ολα! I'm still working on that. xD
    2) Υπεροχα ρουχα. Τα αγαπαω (και τα θελω! απο που ειναι? :P)
    3) τρουφεςτρουφεςτρουφες! εφτιαξα την προηγουμενη βδομαδα και γενικα ειναι απο τα αγαπημενα μου γλυκα! <3 θελω φωτογραφιες! :D :P
    4) Να το φτιαξεις το κεικ! (και να βγαλεις και photos)
    5) ΠΑΡΙΣΙ Ω ΝΑΙ! τι ωραιαααα <3

  11. Aw I also made a chocolate cake recently for my boyfriend, but it looks nothing like the gorgeous cake you are planning on making! Tell us how it turns out.
    Cupcake pendant is sooo adorable so is the tea party one. (:

  12. τι λιχουδια λιλιπουτεια ηταν αυτη στη φωτο ???? και τι υπεροχο κολιε!!! θελω να το φαω !!!!

  13. Kalh tyxh me to diavasma koukla, kserw oti einai dyskolo! Teleio to pendant, ase pou kathe fora pou vlepw ta post sou mou anoigei h oreksi gia sokolata!

  14. Aww these photos are all just so lovely! <3

  15. i wanna eat these photos they'reso cute :)

  16. i wanna eat these photos they'reso cute :)

  17. Hi,since you love Paris so much, i think you should listen to Melanie Pain

  18. i really love all these wonderful pictures!!! i absolutely love your blog, now following :)



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