it's 5 o'clock


Good afternoon fellow bloggers! Another week, another weekend,  another pile of homework! But we'll make it right?
just made a hot cup of cinammon-apple tea. Lately that is the only way that helps me cope with endless homework. I am a loyal tea fan, and will always be one! This is the article i am working on for my English class and i'm telling you: regardless that it has to do with chocolate, is boring as hell!

Yesterday, mom and Kate had birthday! I baked a few plain vanilla cupcakes (as Katy wanted!) and brought them to school, with a proud pink candle on top! Unfortunately i couldn't make the chocolate fudge cake i told you on my last post 'cause i didn't have enough time-but someday i will!promise

that is my new chocolate cookie necklace which i completely love
chocolate truffles i made on Sunday
my new brown bag (eternal love)
Lately i have been spending the nights tucked in my blue warm blanket watching movies, eating cereal. This completely makes my day-even the school nights-. Instead of watching silly series on TV, i watch a fav movie and then head immediately to bed! 
So, on Monday night, i watched Made of Honor (for the 35th time) !
all i'm saying is that it doesn't have to be a weekend to watch movies in bed!!!
Have to go now and get ready for an outing!
Wish you all an amazing night
P.S: and remember that a cup of tea along with your best friends and chocolate cookies can always put a smile on your face, even on the really bad days.


  1. Annie I'm a big tea fan as well!

    That cookie necklace is awesome! Where did you get it?

  2. ti teleio post!!! k egw eimai latrhs tou tsagiou!
    p.s. exoume k tn idia tsantoula! xixi!

  3. why are you so freaking awesome baker?
    your bag's lovely and your necklase!
    i love tea too, especially when is served with delicious cookies:D

  4. I absolutely love tea and your muffins and truffles and bag and everything! but mostly I looove you *.*

    P.S: thelw thn sintagh gia truffles immediately :D <3

  5. you are drawing a beautiful picture here...! love it

  6. nice post!!!
    i love tea, chocolate and cakes too!!!

  7. What kind of tea do you like to drink?
    Mmm everything looks delicious, too bad about the chocolate cake though ;_;

  8. eilikrina dn uparxei alli blogger pou na me kanei na 8elw na mpw stin kouzina pio polu ap oti esu!
    Latreuw ka8e post s<3


  9. Πραγματικά σου μιλάω, κάθε ποστ σου μου φτιάχνει απίστευτα τη διάθεση! Μακάρι να έκανες κάθε μέρα και καινούριο ώστε να το διάβαζα προτού πάω στο σχολείο για να φτιάχνει ολόκληρη η μέρα μου! Αγαπώ την τσάντα ιδιαιτέρως πολύ! Σε ευχαριστώ, επίσης, για το σχόλιό σου... Είναι αλήθεια ότι κάτι μαθαίνουμε από κάθε δυσκολία, όμως το συνειδητοποιούμε μόνο αφού έχουν περάσει όλα... Ευτυχώς όλα φτιάχνουν πάλι σιγά σιγά... Καλή σου εβδομάδα καλή μου!

  10. Α και κάτι ακόμα little cupcake... Από που αγόρασες την τσάντα; Την έχω ερωτευτεί νομίζω.

  11. OH MY
    tea is my literal love - i haven't tasted an apple-cinamon one though..(Yet!)
    Right now i'm obsessed with grapefruit tea, and also mulled wine tea. Doesn't sound too appealing I know, ha, but seriously, it is the love.
    Your new bag looks yummy I like things like that also.
    And yah homework can be a bore but it has to be done!

    Brillian images :)

    P.s I have a new post also! :)


  12. Epitelous afinw comment!!!!!!
    H teleutea fotografia einai teleia!!
    K twra 8elw tsai milo kanela!!!
    H luna mirize tn o8onh t ipologisti stn ikona m tkekakia les k pragmatika mporouse n t mirisei xaxa!

  13. Epitelous afinw comment!!!!!!
    H teleutea fotografia einai teleia!!
    K twra 8elw tsai milo kanela!!!
    H luna mirize tn o8onh t ipologisti stn ikona m tkekakia les k pragmatika mporouse n t mirisei xaxa!

  14. You have actually inspired me to make cupcakes :o) I love the layout of your blog!


  15. Sooooo cute post!!!!!!!!!!!! I Loooooved your necklace!!!!
    I tagged you at my last post...if you would like, share 7 secrets with us :)

  16. Cinamon apple tea sounds ah-mazing!
    Beautiful blog btw, your header at the top is soo pretty

  17. All of that looked delicious!
    Which reminds me I have to bake vanilla cupcakes for my friend :)
    Wish me luck!

  18. The cupcake/candle picture is kind of wonderful :)

    Filakia from America!!


  19. thank-you for the comment..
    love your blog
    now following :)

  20. i am so jealousssssssssssss


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