dream a little dream of me (21 days left)


i so love this song-puts me in the perfect christmas mood!
hello dear readers, it's been a tough week and i am so sorry if i have not replied to your comments yet. The upcoming week is even worse but the fact that Christmas is almost here makes me feel so much better. I am so excited for the upcoming Swap NOT Shop party that is about to take place on December 19 plus, its the muffin edition!
I have been making some lists about christmas stuff i will be needing! I'll finally buy a waffle maker and some new lights to put on my window. I need a big red jumper and a pair of polka dot tights.
I am planning on throwing a Cupcake-Christmas-Tea party at my place as soon as I decorate the tree with my dad! We will be baking lots of cupcakes, drinking tea and watching  Christmas movies. It's gonna be perfect
Oh, i SO love this picture (combine my two passions in the world: little children and baking!)
Christmas is all about hot chocolate, white lights on the windows, gingerbread cookies with shiny ribbons on the christmas tree, cinnamon and vanilla scent in the air, plans and wishes, walks in the afternoon tucked in your warm scarf, glitter and stardust, Frank Sinatra songs and baking!
I suggest you make lists with all the things that you like about Christmas! Write down your thoughts and wants about this specific year. Plan your days and have an amazing time! Go shopping with your friends, buy teapots and bake gingerbread cookies. Decorate them with your little brother or sister, have fun in the kitchen, listen to happy Christmas songs and watch Home Alone. Because Christmas without that movie is like a cupcake without frosting!

Kisses to you all and thanks so much for your wonderful support!
and don't forget: 21 days till Christmas


  1. Oh I love the Home Alone movies, and the title song of your post:)

  2. omg! ti teleio post! latreuw ta xristougenna!

  3. Home Alone!Indeed.
    If you're watching Home Alone means Christmas are here!
    So Home Alone=Christmas!
    The house on the last picture seems so delicious!
    Although I would be pity to eat and destroy such a creation!

  4. These photos are so amazing I want to cry into my starbucks coffee. BEAUTIFUL. I just cannot wait for christmas. Thanks for you sweeeeet comment, Im so sorry I haven't replied sooner! Im finally back posting after a week of crazyness. URGH. Panda xo

  5. Wonderful post! I love Christmas so much! I wish it would last all year long!



  6. These photographs are beautiful, but I especially like the little gingerbred on the side of the mug! So cute :)


  7. Den eimai megalh fan twn Xristougennwn, alla oi fwtografies pou anevases me evalan sto mood!


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