seventeen, don't change a thing


Bonjour dearest people! Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my room and for those asking, YES it is always like that cause i am a neat freak and I love to clean and tide up. (so far, so weird!) i can't sleep at night when i know that my room is a mess and there have been many times that i've stayed until 2am cleaning up the place, just like Jane on 27 dresses!
Last week, i went out with my best friends to celebrate my birthday. And i have to tell you guys, it was such a blast! we had fun, played board-games and drunk milkshakes and tea! I am aware that for some of you that must have been a boring Sat. night but for me was something really special and fun!
But the special of that nigh was the....b-day cake surprise! The have planned it all, and i didn't even cross my mind this whole surprise thing! Oh, how much i love them!

one of the most sweet presents, but i already had it. Still the choice was perfect!

let's eat cake and be happy!

I got so amazing presents from all: a cooking book, a cupcake necklace along with a notebook with sweets on, a t-shirt with donut pattern, a wonderful scarf, MAC eye shadow and lipstick(name:Patisserie-how cool is that?!) a pair of tights and a dress. Mommy bought me some things i needed for baking stuff
That was all! and i am leaving you with a big chocolate kiss cause my fav TV series is on + i'm baking some cookies!
xxx A.


  1. Wow!We could change lives for a couple of days,to clean up mine too if you like cleaning this much!I'm joking.There are times that even me like cleaning the mess in my room!
    Your friends are so sweet for buying you this cookbook!It's so much the best present for you!I mean even I have you in my mind as "Anne=the cupcake girl"!I wish I had you as a friend,cause I really hate it when you post so many pictures of your cupcakes and I can't taste them!(Why do I talk this much today?I think I should stop now!)
    Have a nice week cupcake girl!

  2. I love all of those photos! Especially the first and the last three!
    It looks like you've had so much fun!:D

  3. geia su koritsi,

    ssimera se thumithika gt piga sto art house sto bazaar kai eixe olo cupcakes kai glukakia se kosmimata!!!!

    teleia i turta, ta salia mu trexun!

  4. I love the candles and the last pic! SO CUTE!

    HAPPPPPY 17th.

    Love, Makay

  5. Happy Birthday darling , glad to see u have such a great time with your friends

    17 is the best ! i felt so old gosh lol

  6. Άλλο ένα αξιαγάπητο post! Μα καλά, τί θα γίνει με την περίπτωσή σου, μου λες; :P Πάντως έχω να παρατηρήσω ότι οι φίλες σου σε ξέρουν πολύ καλά, αν κρίνω από τα δώρα τους! Να συνεχίσετε να είστε τόσο χαμογελαστές και να περνάτε τόσο όμορφα! Σμουτς!

  7. ax gluko m<3
    fainetai pws perases monadika!


  8. That is great Annie!

    How amazing friends you must have!

    Yummy! What a nice-looking delicious b-day cake!!

    Happy 17th birthday!!

  9. Happy B-day loipon! Fainetai pws exeis tis pio glykes files tou kosmou! Polla filia!

  10. happy birthday!!! an k ka8isterimena!
    teleies photos!


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