we'll drink hot chocolate without feeling guilty


Good evening blogworld!
Missed you all and wanted to thank each and every one of you for your so sweet wishes!
   Winter knocked my door yesterday so, i though i'd better bake some cookies, while i'll be searching for the box with my scarfs. So, chocolate cookies are on! (the smell still lingers everywhere at home, something i could die for in winter) I so love this season, every little part of it and i wouldn't trade this period for anything. Time to put all my Frank Sinatra CDs in my iPod, find cool tights, buy a wool dress and a new oversize red sweater, drink hot chocolate without feeling guilty, wear my most treasured scarf...

So this is my room, which i love esp in winter time. made a few changes and thought it was time you see it too 

grandma's curtains

   my closet
    autumn skirts and tops
most treasured possessions: scarfs
Daphne bought me the sweetest present for my b-day. A mac shadow and a lipstick with the coolest name EVER: Patisserie (made just for me)
 TODAY: i went with my bf for my b-day shopping! Got two new dresses and a pair of blue tights so amazingly beautiful (i'm posting it next week). Been so excited this week even though had a serious deal of studying! I really love everything thats happening right now and i live for the day! What are you guys up to?
Gotta go and get ready! I am going out with the girls for my bday!
xxx Anne
P.S: i hope you are having an amazing weekend and i wish i could send you all a cupcake tomorrow that i'm baking a bunch of them!


  1. so cute!luky girl u have a very nice room! :)

  2. your room is lovely!and your wardrobe too;]
    I love winter too!
    I baked cookies few days ago and they were too crunchy hahah!

    Have fun and I'm glad to hear you're happy:)

  3. I LOVE this room, it makes me want to redecorate mine today! :D

    Great post and happy belated birthday!

    ♥, Melissa

  4. einai fadastiko!
    moni sou to diakosmises?einai teleiioooo!

  5. this is one beautiful, cosy room you've created and decorated over there! enjoy it especially with your girlfriends, trust me it's always more entertaining with them!hehe

    your scarf is perfection! go go with baking, i wish i could do it more frequently!

    kiss kiss*

  6. Wow! I don't know what to comment first! Your room is so you! If I saw it without knowing it was yours, I would have understood it, for sure! I love the patterns of the pillows and the notice board, I have one too... I adore the snoopy-agenda! However, the best photo, in my opinion, is the one with the scarves and the boxes! What colours! I have only a question: Why do you need THREE books of literature?!

  7. Πραγματικα ειναι ΤΕΛΕΙΟΟΟΟΟ!
    Λατρευω το φως που εχει γενικα και τα μικρα φωτακια ειδικα!
    Πραγματικα ελπιζω να το μαζεψες για να βγαλεις τις φωτο γιατι αν ειναι οντως ετσι συνεχεια νομιζω πως εχω σοβαρο προβλημα!
    Καλη δυναμη με το διαβασμααααα!
    Και καλη βδομαδα φυσικα!

  8. Loved your room!
    hey check out my new outfit post!hope u like it :P


  9. Oh.My.God.
    Exeis ena dwmatio vgalmeno apo periodiko diakosmishs! Ta panta einai fantastika! Kai 8a kanw thn idia erwthsh me thn filh apo pio panw: To dwmatio sou einai etsi tis ka8hmerineees?? Toso taktopoihmeno? An nai,exeis ta 8erma mou sugxarhthria!:PP

    Polla filiaaaaaa<3

  10. ti glykiees! kai epeidh rwtate nai einai etsi pada! kai de kanw plaka! den borw, latreuw to symmazema!!!

  11. aaa to dwmatio einai toso glyka taktopoihmeno!apo pou phres ta fwtakia tou krevatiou?

  12. Ti omorfo dwmatio einai ayto? San zaxarwto, to latrepsa!

  13. xaxaxax vlepw t comments k simfwnw m ola!!!
    A k gia n xerete exw kimi8ei s auto t teleio dwmatio k panta anarotiomoun ps ginete n einai panta taktopihmeno!!!!
    Annoula m s ekana tag an dn variese pane des t!

  14. Such a cosy room, especially your bed-couch thingy with those little starlights! I so want your chair btw, it's awesome.

  15. Happy birthday Annie!

    Well, your room is soo cute! I am thinking about moving with you one of the following days!!



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