back for good


HELLO hello! Happy Thursday bloggers! I am so happy to be back even for an inspirational  post. Not much to say, just that i am staying at home, studying like crazy for the past moths. But it is fine, it is. I'm only 2 months away from my final exams and i really can't wait for that. Studying was/is/will be  really hard! But i'll cope with that, just like everyone else did.
NEWS 'n UPDATES: Nutella has been an awfully good and loyal friend to me. I am leaving for Rome in about 2 WEEKS. I can't buy anything cause i'm keeping money for my trip. I chose the dress for my graduation. I made a strawberry tart. I wish i could be outside taking outfit pictures with the dresses i got. I ate a whole Ben and Jerry's pot of strawberry cheescake ice cream. Tomorrow i am going for coffee with my bff for the first time in three months. I'll probably get a Nikon 3000. I deleted my facebook account (what a relief). I'm listening to the 500 days of Summer score soundtrack 24/7. I should be studying Latin instead of blogging. I lost my purse.I'm only thinking of the 'gelato' i'll be having in Italy. I finished all my perfumes. I drink tea night and day. I'm beginning to have dreams with Aristotle and Plato. Im thinking of buying a new pair of glasses. I am designing my future home every time im having a break. I'm obsessed with the cherry blossom trees. Lat week i failed at making cupcakes. Coffee is giving me superpowers.


  1. well come back sweetie!
    very nice to heard your news!
    take a look at my first giveaway if you want :D


  2. καλη επιτυχια για τις εξετασεις σου!!
    Plato?! Your dreams sound really scary...


  3. WELCOME BACK! I'm glad to see you are alive smiling:) Αλλιώς θα ανχωνόμουν εντελώς για τις δικές μου Πανελλήνιες του χρόνου:) Α,όταν δώσεις θα γράψεις πλιζ πώς σου φάνηκαν και τι συμβουλεύεις εμάς που θα δίνουμε την επόμενη χρονιά? ΠΛιζπλιζπλιζ!!!
    Επίσης,ΘΕΛΩ ΚΑΙ ΕΓΩ ΝΑ ΔΟΚΙΜΑΣΩ BEN N'JERRY'S! Πρέπει να είναι υπέροχα αυτά τα παγωτά!
    Και τέλος να σου πω ότι αν θελεις μπορείς να πάρέις μέρος στο giveaway μου εδώ:

  4. Ωωω! Δεν ξέρω τι να πρωτοσχολιάσω βρε Άννα! Καταρχήν, χαίρομαι που επέστρεψες έστω και για λίγο! Από ό,τι βλέπω αντέχεις μια χαρά! Το ίδιο και εγώ! Ευτυχώς επανήλθα! Σε μία εβδομάδα πηγαίνω 7ήμερη στη Βαρκελώνη και ανυπομονώ... Λοιπόν:
    -Καλά να περάσεις στη Ρώμη, περιμένω πολλές φωτογραφίες και εντυπώσεις όταν γυρίσεις!
    -Πεθαίνω να δω το φόρεμα που διάλεξες για την αποφοίτησή σου!
    -Φωτογραφική μηχανή---> <3 (αγαπάμε τη φωτογραφία γενικά!)
    -Καλά έκανες που διέγραψες το facebook, εγώ δεν είμαι τόσο δυνατή για να το κάνω! Ελπίζω να το ενεργοποιήσεις ξανά μετά τις πανελλαδικές! (αχ!)
    -Ας μην μιλήσω για τον Πλάτωνα και τον Αριστοτέλη! Όλη μέρα για αυτούς μιλάμε με την παρέα μου (είμαστε όλες θεωρητική). Μάλιστα μία φίλη μου, ζωγράφισε και μου χάρισε με αφιέρωση το σπήλαιο της πολιτείας με τρελές λεπτομέρειες! Μέχρι και γυαλιά ηλίου φοράνε οι δεσμώτες που βγήκαν από τη σπηλιά για να μην θαμπώνονται από τη θέαση του ήλιου-αγαθού!
    -Αχ, πόσο πολύ αγαπάω τον καφέ! Στις αρχές της χρονιάς μου έδινε δυνάμεις, αλλά πίνω τόσο πολύ που πλέον έχω πάθει ανοσία!
    -Αχ, αυτές οι αμυγδαλιές! Το πάρκο κοντά στο σπίτι μου είναι γεμάτο ανθισμένες και θέλω να πάω να βγάλω φωτογραφίες! Είναι πανέμορφες!
    Α, και κάτι ακόμα! Βγάλε καλέ το χιόνι από το μπλογκ σου! Είναι όμορφο αλλά ΗΡΘΕ Η ΑΝΟΙΞΗ!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Perfect pictures!

  6. oh oh oh i loved this post - those vintage ruffle dresses are just divine and i love-Love-LOVE nutella!! xx

  7. i'm so jealous of your trip to rome, what a beautiful place. and i really want to delete my facebook account at the moment but haven't worked up the courage yet haha! soon! these are such lovely pictures :) x

  8. Really lovely photos! Just scrolling through your blog is making my mouth water, so i think it's time for some morning cake and coffee.

  9. MMM MMMM, Welcome back.

    Helen, X

  10. gia allh mia fora uperoxa pragmatakia!
    k eimaste k se diaita!
    peirasmos eisai!
    p.s. exeis prosklhsh!

  11. Thank you for your lovely comment :)
    I love your blog, these pictures are yummy!


  12. Such a lovely blog :) I loved reading all of your updates, and the pictures go so well with it too,

    Rosie x

  13. awe sweetie, i sooooo feel for you about the dreams. I kept dreaming that Socrates was chasing me in my neighbourhood almost every night, until i took the exam!i remember seeing his sandals, when i was hiding under some desk!So, totally get what you mean!!Just be patient, these days will vanish before u know it!
    Have a great time in Rome, take maaaany pics and share with us here!;))

    kiss kiss*

  14. That nutella sandwich is making me hungry! And you'll definitely enjoy the italian gelato :) xo

  15. Eeeii!!ti wraies photos!! :D
    Vasika mphka gia na sou pw oti shmera agorasa ena vivlio pou ap'oti 8umamai exeis ki esu! Tis vasikes suntages zaxaroplastikhs, pou exei tis 70 sudages vhma vhma..pou einai paneeemorfo kai roz kai lila <3 <3 :P
    oso mporeis me tis upoxrewseis sou, stay tuned giati 3ekinaw patisserie posts kai 8a 8elw th gnwmh sou!! :P :P keep up kai ola 8a teleiwsoun sudoma me tis e3etaseis, 8a to deis! ;)


  16. Thankyou for stopping by and following my blog. Yours is lovely, delicious actually hehe I love baking, I wish I had time to do it more often.

    You're going to Rome?! Wow, I'm envious. Around this time last year I was going on an Italian tour with the school...sigh, I want to go back. Hope you have an amazing time!

    xx Carina

  17. mmm nutella is chocolaty heaven! ;)
    Flora x

  18. thank God you're back- and yes- i'm back too!
    i deleted my facebook too it feels soo good
    oh and a camera!! can't wait to see your photos when you get it!

  19. pou eisai gluko cupcake? gt diegrapses to fb?
    diavazeis san treli katalabainw k arxizeis na su xefevgun latinikes lexeis ekei pou den to perimeneis!!xixi...kuragio k to pasxa einai koda!
    filia kukli!

  20. lovely pictures! :)

  21. welcome back & the pictures are AMAZING! X

  22. You're soooooooooo close to your dream house and life!
    I'm really excited and nervous about the panhellenics.
    I'mean you're gone be free in some days!
    Your blog is a living hell for me!
    So many cupcakes I can't resist.
    I'm sure I'm gonna be 384234 times bigger next year,studying and eating all the time.
    HAVE FUN(and courage!)

  23. lovely photos <3 im a big nutella lover!! and those cream dresses are so pretty!!

  24. γιαμιιιιιιιιιιιιιιιιιιιιιιιιι

  25. Oh my.. I just fell in love with your blog!!
    Apo edw kai pera follower!!
    Apisteutes photos!!


  26. These pictures are wonderful! And I LOVE Nutella!


  27. I LOVE your blog soooo much i have been looking at it for about a year now and then have decided to create a blog of my own... please follow... love milly XXX


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