pizzas, gelati and cute Italians on Vespas


I bet you get what i mean only by the title!Rome,was all about food and cute guys!Unfortunately i don't have good photos of the last part...
Helloooo, blogger is back from Rome excited and tired.
I am not gonna bore you with meaningless mumbling of how tired I am of studying 24/7. In one month, hopefully I am gonna be a careless girl, wandering around the city, holding proudly a Nikon camera and having the best time with all my girls!
Rome was perfetto ...all these places, the foods, the people. I didn't get to shop much cause I was saving up money for a camera, so i ended up with some great headbands, a blazer, a dress and some Lush goodies! This last part-oh my-is the best one. I got bath bombs and massage bars in amazing flavors and scents. But the best ones were bought for my best friend: a sex bomb, a Mrs Whippy bomb and a shimmy shimmy bar! I found the shop out of the smell in the air! Soooo lets get the roll started






we went to the country of NUTELLA-I almost died from nutella overdose

It was a great week, i enjoyed myself as much as I could and also ate, as much as I could! Now it is time for endless studying until the final exams are over (28th of May) until then i'm sure there will be no posts. When i return though, there will be a part II of pictures from Rome! Stay tuned, happy and beautiful, as you always are!
kisses and have a wonderful night*


  1. You are sweeter than all those ice cream cones combined.

  2. NUTELLERIA? Are they serious? I MUST visit Rome, as it seems:)
    I can see you had a really awesome time there huh? I think you deserved it,after this year!Αnd you look as awesome too<3
    Υπομονή ούτε μήνας δεν έμεινε:)) Και μετά....:):):):)
    Καλή Ανάσταση και καλή επιτυχίιιια:)
    p.s.: I expected to see some cute Italians on Vespas here but nothing..please,at least don't mislead us with the title! Hahaha:DD

  3. oh,i almost forgot. Can you please tell your friend Daphne that she won a gift in the giveaway? She can leave me an address if she's interested:)

  4. Such wonderful pictures! Ahh I miss Rome...

    Despite the mass consumption of nutella that went on when I was there, I never saw a nutelleria! Looks amazing. Oh and Lush is so gorgeous, my favourite bath and body shop.

    Cant wait for part 2!

    xx Carina

  5. I miss Rome! :)
    Great pics and I love your floral dress! :))

  6. aaaa auto gia tn nutella dn m t eipes!!!
    teleies einai oi fotografies!!
    olo t dwmatio m mirizei lush!!:)

    They have a store just for nutella? That's so cool :)

  8. You look so pretty! And are these in the 8th picture lasagne?? Gosh, so lucky..


  9. aaaaaa prepei na perases teleia !!!!!!!!
    kalh epituxia kai kalh TYXH kytiws !!!
    with <3 from Ale3/polh !!!
    Annou :)

  10. i want to travel to rome,too.the pictures are amazing and i love nutella:)
    by the way great blog

  11. oh yummy, looks like you had fun - your making me hungry and wanting to go to rome more and more! :)


  12. soooooooooooooooooooooo jealousssssssss

  13. Every trip is a deep breath! Well done girl, I hope you soon visit Italy again, this time try north! Really handsome guys (better looking and classy). I admit that pizza is tastier in Naples, but people have better taste northern!

    Btw, I love lush soaps- especially buttercream!

    NIce to hear from you.

  14. My oh my! Unbelievable! Hope you had an extra good time with your friends! This amazing!

  15. your outfit is soooo lovely in these pictures <3 love milly XXX

  16. Αννούλιιιι! Τι όμορφες φωτογραφίες και τι ωραίο αυτό το φορεματάκι! Κουκλίτσα για άλλη μία φορά! Έβγαλες και τα σιδεράκια απ'ό,τι βλέπω (φορούσα και εγώ και τα παρατηρώ κάτι τέτοια!) οπότε είσαι έτοιμη για την μεγάλη αλλαγή!
    Μακάρι να πάνε όλα καλά! Καλή επιτυχία και καλό κουράγιο γλυκούλα μου! :D

  17. ti kales fotografiess!!! tha simfoniso oti to forema einai polu omorfo....kali sou mera!!

  18. Fainetai pws perases polu wraia kai fusika pws efages kai nostima gluka ;);) xairomai polu gia sena... foveres oi fwto sou kai anupomonw na dw sintoma kai tis upoloipes...

    a!polu kali epitixia kai stis eksetaseis sou..sou stelnw oli tin thetiki m energeia :)

    Kisses, Evi

  19. I love your dress..perfectly paired with the white converse!

  20. Super h rwmh!!! :D Mh skeftesai kan tis e3etaseis otan anaferesai se ta3idia, einai asumvivastes ennoies! ;)
    Glad u had fun!

    ante ela kai apo to blog mou na pareis ena tiny little award! ;)

  21. sweet annie
    welcome back :)

  22. ααακ. Αυτο ειναι ενα παλιο ποστ και δεν ξερω καν αν θα δεις το κομμεντ αλλα ΡΩΜΗΗΗΗΗΗΗΗΗ. φειβοριτ πλεις ιν δε γουορλντ. *υ*

    Αυτο που θελω να πω βασικα ειναι:
    - το ταβανι ειναι απο την galleria alberto sordi?

    - ιιιιικ αυτη η φωτογραφια στην πιατσα ναβονααα. η πλακα ειναι οτι ψιλοσυγκινηθηκα γιατι οι γονεις μου ειχαν παει μηνα του μελιτος εκει περα και εχουμε μια φωτογραφια με τη μαμα μου να καθεται ακριβως ετσι, ακριβως εκει. :3 επισης οταν πηγα στη ρωμη μεναμε σε ενα ξενοδοχειο ακριβως πισω απ την πλατεια και ωωω υπεροχα. <33

    (Ετοιμασου να σε πλημμυρισω κομμεντς. Ειχα παραμελησει το μπλογκ μου τελευταια.)


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