the spring & strawberry thing


 It has been almost two weeks since I got back from Belgium and I love it here. It is summer already, this means I missed spring for good but, I decided to bake a spring strawberry cake with fluffy cream to celebrate my comeback. This delicious recipe is from miss Pastaflora! If you can still get some strawberries on hand, bake this for sure! It is a razzle dazzle cake and you can make it a chocolate one as well! There are fresh strawberries inside the batter so that makes it extra special.
 Meanwhile, I am buried under piles of books and papers because it is exams period once again... Such a pity we can't enjoy the best of the weather strolling around the beach and making day trips.

I have decided to start my blog all over again, make a few changes here and there, give it a little makeover and start fresh. I will be posting more and I am already preparing posts from my trips all around Europe while I was away.

Stay tuned for more recipes and posts... 


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