My Every Day Happy Tricks


!It's been a long time since I wrote something interesting in my blog but the truth is that I am not having any time to think of something good!I spend most of my time creating new sets in and posting these outfits on my blog and as result I am not writing much-That's OK I think

Maybe I need some time to recycle my thoughts, find new inspirations in life and new "every day happy tricks"!My every day happy tricks, is an invention of mine that I came up lately! It means, that I am trying to find cool and nice things to do every day to cheer me up! For example,for these last days I am buying a new pot of flowers! Seeing the flowers in my room or out in the balcony makes me feel fresh and lets me start thinking about my life and appreciate everything in it. I know it sounds stupid but for me is working perfectly. Another happy trick is to avoid every day coffee and drink hot or cold chocolate with whipped cream! It makes me much happier and helps my nerves too :)For example, every morning I go for a little walk in order to wake up and then I take a shower using my favorite vanilla shower gel and cream. I eat frequently my favorite ice-creams and buy the magazines that interests me every month!

I need to discover new things in life! I need to find new music and books. I have to find more interesting places to hang out! I need to find more Anna Stuff!
I also need to find another kind of jam!


  1. t teleiooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!auto m t louloudia ontws pianei!!!!!!!!!!!alla ola t dika m xera8ikaaaan :( !!!!!!!!!!! parpiptontos prepei opwsdipoye n pame ikea!!!!!! i <3 u!!!!!

  2. hahaha! I KNOW! exw toooses ideees...
    mu leipeis hdh..
    telika I am addicted to you!

  3. xaxaxaxaxa!!!!!!!!nomizw oti xerw mia omada ipostirixeis gia an8ropous pou itan e8ismenoi se emena-ama 8es na s dwsw t thl ts gia na epikinoniseis mazi ts!!!!!!! xes ps xekinas:"t onoma m einai anna k eimai e8ismenh st dafnh" k oi upolipoi 8a s poune "geia s anna"!!!!
    xoxo Daphne <3

    den einai asteiooooo
    den su emathe h mama su na mh koroideueis tous anthrwpous me provlhmata?!

    thelw th dosh muuuuu!

  5. kane ligh upomonh!!!!!!!!
    an dn kratiese aneva se kanena lewforio mpas k s liph8oune k s dwsoun liga psila.....
    egw dn koroidevw ts an8rwpous me provlhmata n ts voh8isw prospa8w!!-m parexigises...

  6. re xazh evgales t photo p elege here i am k dn mporw na mpw st profile s!

  7. ooops! tha to fix later! exw mathima sts 6--
    tha pame gia ice cream to apogeuma?!meta ts 8???
    thelw na parw th dosh mu
    kai gia na ta sundiasoume -tha pame me lewforeio na mazepsw psila gia pagwtoo!

  8. kala 8a doume!!!!
    pare me thl otan teleiwseis t lesson s gia na kanonisoume!!!!!!!!!!ante t leme-filakia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!prepei na xekiniseis apotoxinosh-dn s kanei kalo!!!!!!!k egw dn prokite na ginw rezilh giati esu prepei na mazepseis lefta...
    <3 love ya


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