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Bonjour ladies,
The exams frenzy is finally coming to an end on Wednesday! I am so excited because I can't stop thinking myself lying in my new bathing suit on the beach with my watermelon sun cream, listening to my Summer Playlist on the iPod while reading a magazine...priceless moments for teens like us! Two more lessons and we're off to the paradise...
It was about time for a shopping spree with my best friend! So let me tell you one thing, I can't resist to dressing room pictures but I don't think I am that bad- Its an easy way to make sure you look pretty in that dress/skirt/top or anything before buying it! I totally recommend it!

red heart top
Pick out the clothes you like and go to the dressing rooms with your b.f to try them on! You won't believe how much fun it is! I was calling her all the time to check me out in my clothes! It was hilarious :)

H&M pink top-i'm like a cake when wearing this but I love this fact!

floral skirt from ZARA

H&M polka dot bikini

Oysho floral bikini
these are my goods! can't wait to wear them on- My mom also bought me the 'sweet lemon body cream' by The Body Shop and it smells so amazingly good!
I've got a question for all of you, who are reading this post: Am I the only one who would prefer not to eat for 5 days in order to buy a piece of clothing?
(just out of curiosity!)
Have a wonderful and shiny day...

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  1. Just came up from shopping too!
    Lovely post!

  2. first skirt :D

  3. t magio einai teleiooo!!!!!
    k ola h asprh mplouza m t volan apo t H&m einai h agpmnh m!!!!!

  4. You dragged Katerina with you and you were repeatedly calling for her in the dressing room AND YOU ARE STILL ALIVE?" HOW COME MY INDIAN FRIEND? :P

    amazing as always ;)

  5. omg! ta latreuw ola!!! pragmatika megeia sou!
    oson afora afto p rwthses, ENNOEITAI oti 8a to ekana!

  6. nomiza oti htan mexri 11 iouniou! thn exw grapsei edw kai kairo alla den vrhka xrono na to steilw, eixa e3etastikh kai kati provlhmata.. 1000 sugnwmh!! sthn stelnw twra mesw mail
    kai pali sugnwmh! pes mou pws ta phges! pwpww niwthw polu ilithia twra!

  7. Οντως τα δοκιμαστήρια είναι από τα αγαπημένα μου πράγματα όταν πάμε για shopping therapy!! Και όχι δεν είσαι η μόνη για αυτό που λες στο τέλος!:))
    Σούπερ το μπλογκ σου,δεν το πίστευα ότι είσαι ελληνίδα βασικά!:))

  8. lovely items, the heart top is SO cute!
    and love what you bought!
    cute blog
    much love

  9. hahaha auto einai to bikini pou su elega!!!
    ade megeia sou, me prolaves!!!
    ola einai teleia!kaloforeta!

  10. Everything looks wonderful! Love the polka dot bikini top!

    Just came across your blog. It is lovely!

  11. That question is a little difficult to answer! I love food, but if I'm in love with something (I mean CRAZY about it) then I'm going to starve! Till I die from hunger just to buy it!

    We finish our exams the same day and then, "WELCOME SUMMER!"


  13. zileuw apisteuta tis agores sou:)
    eidika to polka dot bikini einai monadikoooo:)

    wow amazing clothes ! :D really like me ! you bought all this clothes ? OMG i'm jealous ! I'M A SHOPALCHOLIC i dont know exactly what it say but i love, enjoy and like buy new clothes :) i really like you're phothos, the small og the right with taylor&taylor jajaja and the other of the starbuks i really like your blog !
    I'M in school now, in july we have winter holidays ! what about you ?
    I'm in my senior year, the last. Ihope you are OK.
    see you, or best, write you soon !

    NOE ♥

  15. me again! you know how much i love your style and your blog, so i've got a surprise for you! check my blog!

  16. Gaaaaaah ti wraia pramata! :D Kaloforeta! :3

    PS.: Haha, I know. algebra totally sucks D:

  17. ke tora 8a erxiso tin grinia (pali!) giati otan plironome ekini tin vdomada pada ta h&m dn exoun orea rouxa????? snif..snif...

    sou pane ta floral para poli! na to ekmetaleftis ;P

  18. me geia!!poli oraies epiloges!

  19. H alhtheia einai oti den skefthka pote na bgalw dressing room pics! Great idea though, tha thn uiothethsw! An ayta einai ta nea sou apokthmata, einai ola ena k ena! Teleia! Eidika h Zara skirt!

  20. Πολλά πραγματακια πηρες ε?!Μπραβο!Εμενα μου αρεσε πολυ το δευτερο φορεμα,και το μαγιο!!!!

    Σημερα ή αύριο θα κανω κι εγώ ενα post με κατι μπλουζίτσες που αγορασα σημερα (Dsquared2,Blugirl,Blumarine),γι'αυτο έχε το νου σου στο blog μου!Θελω να μου πεις τη γνώμη σου!
    φιλια πολλα!!!

  21. aw wonderful buys
    I love all of them <3

    fab blog :)



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