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Hello dearest readers,
So sorry for the lack of posts but I am having school exams.I completely hate this period-no time for yourself, friends and things that have FUN!
Anyway, I thought of connecting my pc again and typing my boring news! Although I think there is something interesting in my dull life!I think I am falling in love all over again! It's such an amazing feeling!

Here's a day in the park with Daphnee and this is my vintage uniform!
Yesterday I went to the super market and bought some ice cream: Ben&Jerrie's Cookie Dough! Did anyone of you know, such a flavor exists? I was so thrilled, I opened my eyes wide open and I was like "Oh my GOD". Sometimes I think I am exaggerating in reactions but this time it was normal! Now I am going through the phase: "I scream for ICE CREAM!"
What you just saw doesn't look weird right? Let me tell you..This is my laundry failure. Epic failure actually. And do you know why? Take a look-what you see in yellow was one day white! I laughed so hard when I took the clothes out of the washing machine. It is bad though..It still hurts! But it was a fun day :) The only good thing was a turquise blouse from Zara that came out to be vert-amand if you know what I mean (kid of peanut!) which I love!

I am going to take off, watch some "How I met your mother" episodes with my maltesers and get lost into my history books!

And thank you all for your incredible and so sweet comments that make my day! I wish I could get back to each of you but I am in a difficult season, hope you understand..
Oh and there's a lovely quotation I found on the book I was reading yesterday 'About a boy' by Nick Hornby
"Don't let anyone give you a hard time, just think of chocolate snack bars" -Marcus
(this boy was being treated really badly at school so he invented this marvelous game: when kids gave him a hard time he didn't listen to them but thought of all the chocolate snack bars brands he could imagine) It works for me!
xxx Annie

and here is my list:
1. What is your favorite item of clothing? skirts!
2. What are your biggest obsessions? cupcakes, cook books and my iPod
3. Who inspires you? Chung, Deschanel, bloggers...the list is endless
4. Who is your favorite designer and why? Luella, cause it suits my personality
5. What is your favorite song ever? "Sea of Teeth" by Sparklehorse
6. What is your favourite song right now? it would be "fall hard" by the Shout Out Louds
7. If you were a sweetie, what would you be? a vanilla cupcake
8. What's your favourite film? Amelie
9. Who's your favourite actor? Kristen Dunst
10. If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be? in Poland..
11. What are your 3 favourite smells? clean laundry, fresh baked cookies and vanilla

12. What are your 3 favourite tastes? caramel syrup, cookie dough and Cheerios
13. What is your most treasured possession? my diary
14. What did you always want to do/be when you grew up? I always wanted to be a teacher. I still do...
15. If you were an ice-cream, what flavour would you be? Kit-Kat McFlurry
16. If someone made a short film about your life, who would play you? Anne Hathaway
17. What would your perfect afternoon consist of? shopping, coffee with friends and dinner at a fancy restaurant
18. If you were a flower, what would you be? a daisy
19. Tell me a random thing - a quote, a line from a song, book, movie... "Don't let anyone give you a hard time, just think of chocolate snack bars."-Marcus (About a Boy)
20. Which is your favorite tea flavour? Cinammon-Apple
21. Which is your favorite word? marshmallow
22. If you had a nickname what would it be? Coco
I tag ALL of you! Please add one question of your choice after doing this and send me a link to your blog to see your answers!


  1. i really understand you, i have exams too! at least you are in love! indeed an amazing feeling!
    p.s. love your outfit!

  2. t lipsamcker p exw exei tn idia geush m t pagwto...!!!!!

  3. what a fun post!
    the ice cream sounds delicious.. i should try it.
    and the laundry dilemma's kinda like the one from friends :)

  4. ti boring news kale? afu eisai inlove... ti pio pikantiko neo apo auto!!! xixi...
    itS going t legend-ARY!!!

    KISSES girl!

  5. the overalls are so cute!
    great blog
    loving the posts
    stop by some time!

  6. Great outfit!
    And your photos are reaally nice!
    Good luck with your exams!

  7. I'm totally a fan of How I met your mother, it's so awesome! :) and maletsers are too, so it's perfect! :)

  8. i love how i met your mother! and maltesers too!!

  9. oh, i saw sympathize with ur laundry accident... at least urs turned nice and bright, mine is all grey now. and it used to be pink!

  10. glukia mou kali epituxia stis e3etaseis sou!K meis endosxolikes twra,alla meta to zori twn Panelliniwn auta dn einai tipota xaxaxa:p
    Latreuw How I met your mother<3

  11. where can i find this pail of maltesers???
    i loved you blog...


  12. Kalh epityxia me tis e3etaseis!! <3
    and hey, boring news? how can being in love be boring news? ;) Anyway! poly wraio to vintage outift, kai auth h mpougada htan sigoura ena endiaferon 8eama :P

  13. I'm following your blog.
    I liked a lot (:
    is all yours?
    passes in my and give me your opinion (:

  14. THANKS HONEY !!!
    love your outfit !!!

  15. l o v e ....... the sweetest feeling............<3

  16. you are such a sweetheart!! every post of yours makes me smile! i love clean laundry's smell, both wet and dry...hihi!!i also looove the smell of body lotion on me after a shower!oh, and Anne Hathaway is a nice choice, classy girl!
    kiss kiss.

  17. pio sweet comment ever???!!!

    ps. telio jumsuit!

  18. damn those washing machines!!i lost many beloved clothes this way!!
    i am also a fellow-addicted how i met your mother!!so cool!


  19. Annie falling in love is sooo brilliant! Butterflies flying in your stomach!
    That accident with the clothes has happened to me, too, but the color was just terrible!
    The quotation is so witty!
    L<3ve, vipera

  20. se euxaristo poli gia ta kala sou logia!
    to blog sou einai toso gliko pou me kanei na xalogelo!
    sou euxomai na pragmatopoiseis to oneiro sou!den iparxei tpt kalitero apo to na douleueis me athoes psixes pou sou deixnoun me monadikous tropous tin agapo tous!
    tha ta leme apo ta blog mas :P

  21. I had a lot of fun doing this survey -- thanks a lot! <3



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